Saturday, December 22, 2012

It Ain't the End of the World


Warning: this not a formal article or whatever, this is a chika blog post. So you better Enjoy! ;)

Okay so I know I've been gone for more than a week now (blogging-wise). And I apologize, especially to the readers who visit my blog regularly (as if there are. Haha!). I didn't have much time to sit in front of the laptop and spend hours writing a blog post, plus editing, etc. I hope you get my point. Teehee. And even now, I just did the laundry. And I have to sleep because apparently, it's already 2 in the morning. By the way, I'm not a Philippine-based blogger now, but still a Boholano blogger by heart. Char <3

Actually, I really wanted to blog about so many things and share them to you guys! There are so many to the point that I can't anymore tell what to write about first. But I still have to consider the time I have and will be having for the next few days. Luckily, the world didn't end earlier today. Or yesterday, in some countries' case, like the Philippines. Well, I really hoped it wouldn't yet. I still want to do a lot of things and I know most people do too.

And yes, I still have to write a dozen of blog posts here! And still planning to host a giveaway in the coming year, 2013. Now wouldn't my readers love that? *winks* For now, I just really want to cuddle my pillow and take a rest, wear a sweater and hug the comforter, for it's really a cold evening. Do you remember I mentioned on my previous post that I'd be spending my Christmas with my sister's family in her place? Well, I'm here. Alive and lucky. *smiles* And I'm just so grateful a heater is warming us all up here. The cold air outside really chills me to my bones, literally.

And I so wanted to add a photo here, just one though. But I don't know how to upload a photo using this web browser Safari. I just borrowed my Sissy's iPad, and I'm such a noob. Hehe. So I might just upload photos next time. Though, I'm not really sure when that'll be. Hmm. We'll probably be busy til after Christmas. :)

Enjoy your presents. Eat a lot (forget about how much you weigh). Laugh, sing and dance!
Merry Christmas and have a sweet new year ahead! Give love! <3

Friday, December 7, 2012

PF: Pink Hello Kitty Watch


Hello, it's Friday! And I'm back with another Pink Fridays post. Well, you all know how I just love Hello Kitty, don't you? I've had a post about her birthday last month HERE.

So as I was browsing my photos stored here in the laptop to find something pink (so I can use it here), I came across this cute photo of one of my Hello Kitty stuffs. It's a pink Hello Kitty wristwatch! :)

I took a shot of the watch, which kinda matched my pink lipstick! HAHA :)
Here's how the watch really look like. So the watch's strap is silvery. But I just love how Hello Kitty's ribbon is colored baby pink. Plus, it has a pink round bezel. Just cute ;)
A kiss on the cute HK box!
The watch came from my Sissy (in the US). She also loves Hello Kitty. And I just remember her being my very own "shopper" when I had my Hello Kitty collection when I was a kid (way back elementary years). And take note, she's also the one who gave me the HK shirt I was mentioning in another blog post (HERE). So you can really say she's supportive. And I'm so lucky to have her as my Ate. Weee :)

By the way, it's almost Christmas! Are you having a little trouble about your Christmas shopping? Well, a watch like this one can really turn out great for a gift! And I'm so looking forward to spending my Christmas with my Ate and her family. Mom will be with us, too.

I moved this PF badge here, bottom part of the post, so a thumbnail can be used when I share my post :)
Cold Friday evening sweeties! Pinkylove. Hellokittylove. <3

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Wish that Came True


Do you remember how I wished for something before and it suddenly came true? I mentioned it on my post HERE. It was about my wish of hosting a giveaway for my dear blog readers, which eventually came true with the help of a generous online shop owner.

And apart from that, I also have many other wishes and dreams. One of them is actually the dream of driving. I hoped that one day, I can drive along the streets of Bohol (and CA, soon) confidently and safely. And just yesterday, I can feel that I'm already a step closer to making that dream come true! I actually posted a status on my personal Facebook account about that exciting experience I had. I wasn't really boasting, I was just super-happy! :)

Photo taken by my cousin, Angeli (She was at the backseat). This was taken during my Day 1 of driving practice. The car I used here was manual (with clutch). However, I was driving an automatic vehicle on the highway (the one I was referring to with my status).

The FB status I posted. It's in Boholano/Cebuano dialect. Pasensya po sa mga Tagalog readers. hihi ;)

And since I am really happy with my driving improvements, I want to share the happiness with you. So I won't make you wait any longer. As our giveaway tagline goes "Sweet wishes do come true!", a wish of mine came true, and so will our lucky winner's too.

So here's the screen cap:
(aka Tere Decena)

You are the lucky reader who gets to receive the lovely set of accessories from White Poppy Wishes. As I've mentioned on the giveaway post, you must contact me within 48 hours. Just send an email to so we can make chika on how you can claim your prize! *winks*

To everyone, I may have said this many times, but I just want to THANK YOU for joining my first blog giveaway. There will be more to come, so don't be sad. And please continue supporting So Sweet Suzette.

HUGS on a cold evening,
Suzette <3

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's a PerPINK Fit!

12/2/12 :)

This is a VERY LATE post. Apologies. :)

Last September 29, a Saturday, my poging cousin Neilboy celebrated his 21st birthday. It was his debut celebration. This blog entry is supposedly an outfit post, but I wasn't really able to wear a bonggang-bonggang outfit. In fact, I forgot to wear the accessories I prepared! Haha! I actually left them inside my big bag, which was there in the hotel room where we changed our outfits. Just please bear with the simplicity of my outfit because I'll be posting the photos here, anyway.

And here are some of the photos: (courtesy of kuya Rodel Ryan Yana)

The simple ME + ENGINEER paraphernalia.
Do they look good on me? :) Bagay ba?

It's me and the birthday boy himself! Talk about sharing the baby crib before with this dear cousin :)

Photo imported from my other blog, as seen on the watermark. Hihi ;)
So there! There are actually more photos.. lots of them. But I just want to show you I looked like during that event, or that night. I actually found this pink dress at a boutique in Cebu City. Honestly, I didn't find this, my Mama did. And she forced me to try this on. Then ta-dah! She said it looked good on me. And she bought it for me. Thanks, Ma. <3

My shoes? They're from my Sissy (in the US). It's a Jessica Simpson pair. Very lovely, indeed. And I should also say thank you to my ever supportive cousin-in-law Kuya Rodel Yana, for taking the photos. :)

It's the second day of the last month today. Few more days before Christmas. And I've just realized that when I saw the 1st candle of the advent wreath lighted at the church. Today is actually the first Sunday of Advent. Whew! I think I need to do a Christmas wishlist sometime soon, you should too sweeties! :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

PF: Pink Tricycle

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As promised, I am here with another Pink Fridays post and with a new badge *grins*. I just wanted to use this badge because I find the pink heart really cute. This would just be really quick. :)

Remember my PF post last week? I showed you a pink car parked in one of the streets of Tagbilaran City. So here's a continuation of the story. Apparently, a few minutes after I saw the pink car, a PINK tricycle surprisingly appeared and parked just in front of the pink car. HAHA. And we (me and my friends) were like, "OMG, what a coincidence!" (Please, don't imagine it to be having a sosy tone, ok?*winks*)

See for yourself!

The PINK tricycle parking in front of the PINK car (which I blogged about last Friday)

I just find it very, uhm, how should I say this.. serendipitous? Haha. I mean, don't you find it unusual? These two vehicles here obviously didn't really do it (parking next to another vehicle with the same color as theirs) on a purpose, or did they?

And just like the little pink car, I also do not know who the owner of the pink tricycle is. But I think I've seen this tryk for quite several times around the city already.

Well, these are just some amazing things I randomly see and encounter during ordinary days. And because today is the last day of the month, let us not forget to thank God for all that has been for the month of November... even the smallest, ordinary things.

BTW, it's also our 42nd monthsary today (boyfie and me). And I would blog about that on a separate post. :)

Have a thankful Friday everyone! <3

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Through the Lens: Shopaholic & Sister

Before anything else, have you read my blog about reading the book, Shopaholic Ties the Knot? I think you should read it first HERE before you continue reading this blog post.

Do you remember the status I posted on So Sweet Suzette's fanpage? Well, it was about me almost done reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot. And that, the next thing I'd be facing with my glasses on is the book Shopaholic and Sister, sequel to the former.

I actually find the story of this book funny because I didn't realize Becky Bloomwood's long-lost sister, Jessica, would be so weird! And yes, she really is weird. Though I'm still halfway through, I know I'd still be having fun reading more of the book. And like I've said with my previous post (about Shopaholic Ties the Knot), the book isn't just about pure comedy, it has a heart.

With the book on my hand. I actually look FAT here. Haha! Try to see the other photo.
Photo by Merpy Angeli.

The story basically started with Becky and Luke's round-the-world honeymoon (because they eventually got married on the previous book). And funny thing about their honeymoon is the fact that Becky, being a shopaholic, bought super lotsa things from different countries and had them all shipped home. Ending? There were 2 lorries of them (lorries as in trucks with loads, like those of container vans, I think *winks*). So, their apartment ended up having mountains of mess. Well, they're not really rubbish, but looked like they were because they were not sorted out and they somehow took all the space.

But before the loads of Becky's shopping souvenirs arrived, they went to Suze's place to celebrate the twins' Christening. Suze, Becky's bestfriend by the way, had her second child, children I mean, because they're twins. And while Luke and Becky were there, things just didn't really went as Becky expected it. She and Suze had a row. Suze, while Becky was away for 10 whole honeymoon months, found another bestfriend. So, there. Jealousy took over Becky. And somehow, I can relate to the story. I also feel jealous whenever someone close to me suddenly finds a new "close to him/her". I really think it's normal. And I know, it's painful too.

And when the shock about having a long-lost sister came to Becky, she was just totally excited about it -- too excited that she forgot that too much expectations can also hurt her more. In the end, they don't really have common interests. Becky's fave which is shopping, turns out not to please Jess at all. As in, Jess hates shopping.

And I will continue reading the book later. I'm halfway, oh yeah. And very positive that I can finish this before Tuesday. :)

Apologies for the tired smile on the photos. Haha :D
The first photo made me look FAT. lol

Friday, November 23, 2012

PF: Little Pink Car

I do know that I missed a lot of Fridays already. But now, I'm back! I really do enjoy doing Pink Fridays post, but I just don't really have all the time in the world to blog 24/7 (I wish I have, though. *sighs*). However, I'm still grateful for the opportunity my parents have given me... for the free WiFi, free laptop/computer system, free electricity, etc. Okay, enough with the duh-ra-muh :) Let's get to business, and lemme show you what I have for today.

So the other Saturday, I went with some friends to the City. I actually accompanied my friends who represented our municipality for the screening of Mr. and Ms. Teen Bohol. While we were on our way to the hotel where the screening would be held, I saw this cute pink car and immediately took a picture of it.

I just saw this cute car parked along the street and I actually do not know who the owner is! HAHA. So here's a little message:

Dear owner-of-the-pink-car,

Thank you for parking it here and sorry if I took a picture without asking permission from you. I hope you don't mind. By the way, your car is really cute -- too cute I decided to post it here for my Pink Fridays post. By any chance you get to read this message, please leave a comment.

Love, Suzette <3 

Have a happy Pink Friday, sweeties! Don't forget to join my ongoing giveaway HERE. Goodnight! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wear Your Taste w/ Delicious Papot

Who wants to wear a very cool t-shirt with unique designs printed on it? Well I guess everybody does. So here's an online clothing shop which, from the looks of the tees, caters to your "cool shirts" needs!

You may have already heard of the shop's name, as this is not the first time for it to be featured. And what does it have? It has t-shirts with cool designs and prints. I myself do not even directly understand what the designs mean, but hey, they really look cool! Plus, some of those shirts feature the trending characters we know of, such as Mickey Mouse and Mojo Jojo. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the shop's name yet! It's Delicious Papot Clothing!

And these images might give you a hint of what the shop's all about:

And being the blogger that I am, I do not just feature the shop products or items, I also take time to learn the story of how the shop came to be. So in an online interview with Sir Papot, the man behind the Delicious Papot Clothing, I learned a few things from him.

Delicious Papot, before it came to be a clothing line, was actually a band's name. And they got the band's name from one of their friends' nickname, Papot. Unfortunately however, Delicious Papot got disbanded when their drummer passed away. Eventually, one of his (Papot's) friends motivated him to try going into the clothing business. And this gave an idea for Papot to just use the same name that was used with the band before. Thus December 2010, the cyberworld gave birth to DPC or Delicious Papot Clothing.

It has been about 2 years now since the shop has been established. And for that span of time, DPC has had various customers and fans, not just from Cebu (its birthplace), but all over the Philippines. And because the business has just been a sideline for Papot, he is aware that there are still a lot of things to improve. That is why he hopes that, by the grace of God,  DPC will be a huge and successful business in the future. He also adds that he loves business because he somehow came from a Chinese lineage. Business-minded, huh? :)

But what I admire most about this clothing line/shop is the effort they put in reaching their buyers and/or fans from different places. In fact, they are having a Manila Invasion this weekend! Here's the event poster:

And the ASTIG shirts, which are up for grabs:

Ans since it's the season of Christmas, you might include shirts from DPC on your Christmas wishlist or give one as a gift! Interested, aren't you? So why not give their FB fanpage a visit? Just click HERE and like their page. Also, don't forget to like the blog's FANPAGE too! Thankyouverymuch! :)

The ongoing giveaway, if you haven't joined yet, can be found HERE.
Wear your taste, sweeties! Have an ASTIG day! Rock on \m/

Disclaimer: All photos on this blog post are from Delicious Papot Clothing, grabbed with permission from the owner.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the Screen: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Indeed, today has been a very great day for me. :)

Okay so everybody knows today is Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2's first day of (worldwide) showing/screening. And since I've been a fan of the saga, ever since 1st year college (year 2008), I've been rooting to watch the last movie of the series on the first day! Yes, I want to be among the first ones who'll get to see the movie... actually, the end to what stayed as a worldwide phenomenon for years.

I was with my little brother and my boyfie. We actually scheduled this moviedate last week. So, I really went to the city (for those who do not know yet, I am living in a rural area here in Bohol, about 42kms away from the city proper) this afternoon for our moviedate to push through. My boyfie and I made some inquiry about the screening schedules of the cinemas. Luckily, there was a 5:30pm screening time - just after my bro's classes. While the the ending time's just right for us to have a dinner together before I go home.

I took a shot of the movie poster outside the cinema, just after we watched the whole movie and
I actually decided to blog about this ;)
Well, just a disclaimer. This is actually not a spoiler but sort of a review. *winks* So the movie started with Bella waking up... as a vampire. Actually, the first third of the movie was focused on Bella and of her adjustments as a vampire. Because of course, she had changed. She adjusted with her thirst for blood, her unusual speed and strength, and her power.

Emmett an Bella's armwrestling. And guess what, the newborn won! :)

Then the thrill of the movie came when the Volturi heard of the existence of their child, Renesmee, who was actually being imprinted by Jacob (as seen on Breaking Dawn Part 1). Apparently, a vampire, who was actually a friend of the Cullens, reported to the Volturi as she mistakenly thought of the child as immortal. Or, should a say, a vampire kid. The Volturi actually had an experience before that a vampire kid literally killed so many people, a village of them, actually. This is because an "immortal child" cannot be trained with their appetites, and has tantrums and imperfect self-control. This makes it illegal.


The Cullens tried to gather as many witnesses as they can, so they can convince the Volturi that Renesmee is a growing child, not an immortal one. That she has a beating heart and blood is running through her veins. Then the day came when the Volturi finally showed up, with their classic black robes, of course. Across them, the Cullens and the pack of werewolves, featuring Jacob by the little girl's side.

Then the unexpected happened. I won't spoil it yet to you guys. But just a tip, when you watch, pay attention to the last part! I mean it. The first part of the movie is kinda boring, actually. But there's a twist in the end. Important characters would die, some from the Cullens, others from the Volturi. Then, a thing happens. HAHA! :D

The meadow episode, towards the very end of the movie, where one of my fave songs "A Thousand Years"
plays on the background. <3

It is actually kinda funny anyway and entertaining. I enjoyed it. And I think that's what matters most.

Please don't forget to send in your entries for my ongoing giveaway HERE. If you can, please share your thoughts about the movie, too. Happy viewing sweeties!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Through the Lens: Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Let's talk about books.

I love reading. I really do. But I'm too lazy. Haha!

Ok, here's a little confession... I actually like to read books. And whenever a new book comes out (which I know is a good one), I will say "I would really read that book" or "I will surely buy that one". But actually, I don't really get to even finish the book on time! :(

So right now, what I can see through my eyeglass lenses is text from the book, Shopaholic Ties the Knot. Of course, by my idol author, Sophie Kinsella. I've been a fan since Confessions of a Shopaholic, around year 2009. *winks* Well, I'm not done yet. I'm halfway. And hoping to finish the book before Sunday. So I can read another one next week. To tell you the truth, it has been more than a year since I've read Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (the prequel of the book I am reading right now). But things happened... the bookstores nearby ran out of stock, and blah. And I think they just had a restock only by the beginning of this year. But eventually I became a little disappointed already, and I've got no extra money to be spent on novels.

Luckily, and maybe it was destiny (charot!*) that my cousin, Ate Joanne had this collection of books. I asked her if she had the Shopaholic series, and her answer was "YES". And it was just in time that I went South with my mom, and had the chance to visit their place, too. When I got out of her house, there were already 2 books on my hand. Weeeeeeh! And brought the books here in Bohol. She didn't give them to me though (like, give talaga), I just borrowed them. But I totally understand. What's a collection for, di ba? :)

So the book's story is about a shopaholic girl (obviously) named Becky Bloomwood and her adventures in life, in shopping, in living in America, and in getting married. It's the 3rd book already. The first one was Confessions of a Shopaholic, next was the Shopaholic takes Manhattan, and then this one.

By this time, Becky already settled with Luke, her multi-millionaire boyfriend. They got engaged, and they made wedding plans. The problem is, two other people are planning their wedding: Becky's mum, who wants a simple wedding at the backyard, and; Luke's high-class mother who wants a very glamorous wedding in some prestigious place known as the Plaza.

From the very first book, I actually find the story funny. But just last night, as I was reading this book, I found myself teary-eyed. At some point, I felt how hurt Becky was when what happened, which I won't tell you what it was. If you haven't read the book, you should! And for those who already enjoyed the book, or books for that matter (as it's a series), then "high five!"

I really admire how such a fictional character seemed to be so alive to me. Plus, the setting, the brands of every coat, dress or shoe the different characters are using... and everything! For me, it's just what girl should read. :)

By the way, if you haven't joined my giveaway with White Poppy Wishes yet, you can join HERE.

Ok, enough with the chitchat. I should continue reading now. Have some wonderful reading sweeties!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet Wishes Do Come True: 1st Giveaway

WISH. One word which is worth thousands of smiles. And surely, the definition of this differs from person to person. Each one of us has a wish. Some with simple ones, and the others grand. Whatever that wish may be, I am pretty sure the person who has her/his wish come true, smiles.

I myself wished once. Wanna know what that wish was? I wished for a generous online shop to sponsor a giveaway for my blog. And today, that wish is coming true! I have already mentioned HERE that a giveaway is coming our way. And yes, it's here, finally.

So this wish, which came true, is not just for me. This is also for my dear sweet readers. And I want to say my unending "thank you" to our giveaway sponsor, White Poppy Wishes! :)

To make you more excited, here's the photo of the prizes:

Photo courtesy of White Poppy Wishes :)

The prizes are:
 * A pair of feathered earrings - which I think is so fab, I mean, look at the colors! Parang balahibo lang ng peacock, di ba?
 * 2 pairs of handmade earrings - 1 red, the other with a very unique style. Both danglings. And both are awesomely cute! And as what I said during my feature, they are carefully made and handcrafted with love <3
 * A vintage necklace - Bird's cage :)
 * A vintage ring - flowerpower.

Before I will give you the giveaway mechanics, lemme show you first my fab haul from the shop. But of course, I've already bought some things before. Will be featuring them soon here on the blog. So, here are my items:
Photo courtesy of White Poppy Wishes :)
Aren't they lovely? Haha, parang favorite line ko yan. :) Anyway, here are the mechanics:

1. Like the So Sweet Suzette fanpage.
2. Like the White Poppy Wishes fanpage.
3. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect. Click "Join this site" on the sidebar.
4. Follow @sosweetsuzette on twitter.
5. Follow @ainyxi on twitter.

1. Add White Poppy Wishes - Admin as your Facebook friend, only if you want to. :)
2. Tweet about the giveaway. You can do this daily for more entries.
3. Share the news about the giveaway on your FB profile. You can do this daily for more entries.
4. Leave a comment. Browse the White Poppy Wishes (the FB account or the fanpage) albums and choose one (1) item you love the most. Post the link on the comment box and give a reason why you love that item. Kindly include your Complete Name & Email address.
Note: Make sure the name you used to log in here in Rafflecopter is the same name you used in leaving the comment. However, if that's not the case, then please also leave your FB name on the comment box.
5. Recommend this post on Google+
6. Recommend my feature about White Poppy Wishes on Google+. However, if you do not have a Google+ account, then you may choose to just share it on FB.

IMPORTANT! Please submit your entries thru the rafflecopter widget below. Well, I chose to have this giveaway with the help of Rafflecopter for easy reference. Please wait for it to load.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will run from today until the end of this month (November 12 - November 30, 2012 at around 12 noon). This giveaway is open for Philippine residents only, regardless however of gender or age. No dummy accounts allowed. I will check your entries, so NO CHEATING PLEASE. :)

There will only be 1 LUCKY READER who'll win these lovely prizes. I will announce the winner on the first week of December here on my blog. Updates will also be posted through my fan page, So Sweet Suzette (so be sure to like and subscribe). The winner must also contact me within 48 hours after my announcement. Failure to do so would mean another winner will be picked. White Poppy Wishes' shop owner will be the one to ship the prizes to the winner.

So, what are you waiting? Submit your entries now!
Goodluck sweeties! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our 2nd Month!

Hello my dear sugary sweetiepies!

Today is indeed a day to celebrate. As you can see, it's the 8th of November and it is So Sweet Suzette's second monthsary! Before this day ends, I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who's been there for me and for my blog, especially to YOU! Yes, because you are reading my blog right now. And blogs wouldn't be successful without their readers.

And because it's our second monthsary today, I want to inform everybody that I created a fan page for the blog. So please, hit like HERE. Thank you for the like! :)

And, and, and ... notice the logo (fan page's profile picture)? It was wonderfully made by Mommy Aine, the lovely owner of White Poppy Wishes. Still remember the feature I did for the shop? It can be read here.

It's just so cute! It looks very sweet, and it's soooo me! I mean, look at the colors! There's pink and yellow and blue and purple! Thank you for this lovely monthsary gift Mommy Aine! *kisses*

But wait, there's more! The logo is not everything, yet. A giveaway is coming our way! Check back tomorrow or the next day for the deets.

Happy days sweeties! <3

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello Kitty Lover

Hello November!

Yes, this is my first post for the new month, November. Imagine, we're just some days away from Christmas! Hmm.. Surely a season to look forward to, since Halloween time is over (but I am well aware there are still pahabol halloween parties here and there).

I was indeed kinda busy yesterday for our little celebration/commemoration of All Soul's Day. In fact, I spent about 5 hours at the cemetery yesterday. Aside from knowing it was Soul's Day yesterday, did you know it was Hello Kitty's birthday too? Or, do you even know who Hello Kitty is? (Haha, I actually posted a status on my personal FB account about my Papa asking who HK is. lol)

Actually, I hadn't known about HK's birthday until I was able to read its fanpage's post yesterday afternoon! And unintentionally, I was wearing a HK tee!!! And mind you, I don't always wear that shirt. Hmm.. sadyang tadhana lang ba? Haha :D

Taken at my Lola's mosoleo. Wearing my HK earrings too! :)
And thank you Ate Goy for my shirt.

So, that'll be all for now. Will be making more blog posts soon. Might update this post too, for more photos. Happy November sweeties! <3

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOTD: Bluer than Blue

Before we all say goodbye to October, I'd like to share to you my NOTD (Nail of the Day). And you read the title right, it's bluer than blue... because I see it as a darker shade of blue, somewhat like the midnight sky, I think. And to add drama, I had glitters on it too.

Actually, I wasn't the one who did my nails. My Mama's manicurista came over (home service) and did mine and my Mama's nails.

Aren't they lovely? Haha!

According to a friend, the nail polish/color somehow suits my fingers and it makes my skin "more white". Also, when I went to the mall the next day after I had them done, the people I met (friends and some old friends) just did notice my nails! Haha!

My toenails are not exempted!

Honestly, I really love the nail color I have now. It's been almost a week and the color's still there. Maybe I'll still have it for two or more days.

Whatever nail color/polish we have, we must always remember to keep our nails clean. Chos :)

So, there! Just a rather quick NOTD post. Happy Halloween everyone! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Lotions & Creams

Note: Please do not read this if you haven't read my previous post yet, PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks. This is somewhatlikea continuation of that post. *grins*

Aside from having those PocketBacs for handy disinfection purposes, we, especially the girls, tend not just to  mind our hygiene. We also want to have that smooth and young looking skin as ever. The boxes (as what I was talking about here) did not just come with the PocketBacs inside. Together with those cute gels are some items I know ladies would surely love. Here they are:

And oh yes, they're lotions and creams! Lotions/creams are actually a basic and integral part of every girls' closet or dresser. Well, maybe some girls do not really consider putting on lotions everyday, but I know most of us do. And I don't see it as vanity or kaartehan. I see it as a desire in a good way. Who wouldn't want to have smooth, soft and moisturized skin?

And what I have here with me are actually products of a truly trusted brand known worldwide. What girl wouldn't know what Victoria's Secret is?

As they are presented individually, please take a look at the different "flavors" (Haha! I still fondly call them flavors, though I know we're not talking about food here). Perhaps, you might as well consider the labels, because they're kinda funny, but very interesting! :) And if you are into colors, then take a look at what colors they have.

PART 1: The Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream
200mL/ 6.7 Fl oz.
Lost in Fantasy - blue
Mama's pick! :)

True Escape - green

Passionate Kisses - pink

Be Seduced - purple

Secret Charm - indigo

Secret Craving - Redviolet

PART 2: Hydrating Body Lotion
250 mL/ 8.4 Fl oz.

Be Seduced - purple

Romantic Wish - pink

Midnight Mimosa - green

Berry Kiss - lilac
Before you can say anything, I again admit that I am not good at photography. Neither am I any better at photoshop or photo editing. So, bear with the pictures please. *smiles*

These babies aside from being skin moisturizers, are also scent providers (sorry for the terms used. lol)! Talk about being skin-friendly plus nose-friendly at the same time. So, again if you are in any way interested to buy and to bring home some of these babies, just contact me thru my Facebook accounts, send me an SMS, or simply leave a comment below.

Visits are still welcome. Stocks are limited. Prices are given upon inquiry. Thank you sweeties! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks

AntiBac is a short term for anti-bacterial hand gel, and for any anti-bacterial stuff. Also, PocketBac has been the label for anti-bacterial hand gel made handy and convenient, to the point of having it hung on your very own bags and backpacks. Because of their cuteness (small size), they are considered to be pocket-friendly, as the name suggests.

I did some photoshoot with the PocketBacs! Weeeee! :)
It was last year, 2011, when the PocketBac craze went wild here in the Philippines. And those selling the stuffs can really say that the PocketBacs sell like hotcakes on the street! And because Bath&BodyWorks PocketBacs are a bit expensive (prices range from 80php above), those who couldn't afford just resort to buying the "imit" (imitations, not the original) ones priced at around 30php or less each, already with holders. Very affordable, aren't they?

However, even with the price difference and accessibility which really favors the cheap ones, I still go for the original and expensive (ouch!) PocketBacs. Yes, you can save about 50php or more when you buy the cheap ones but you can't really be sure of its quality. My point here is, you are buying the PocketBac because you want to use an ANTI-BACTERIAL hand gel. You do not just want to have a scented gel or a bag accessory, but one that can clean your hands even at times when water and soap aren't around.

So much for the intro (haha! Intro pa pala yun? lol), I made this post because my Sissy from the U.S. sent PocketBacs for me. The boxes, containing my Mama's shopping stuffs when she was in the U.S. plus my Sissy's padalas, arrived here last Friday. And because there are lots of PocketBacs, which I know for sure are just too many for me, Mama and I decided to sell some of them to you, my friends!

I can guarantee you that these PocketBacs are 100% authentic Bath&BodyWorks products. They are bought in California, United States. They're fresh and clean. And most of all, they are on-hand. So, here are the photos.

They come in different scents. The one in the middle is just too cute! It's the Pink Bloom PB.

Funny how they (the manufacturers) can also think of turning food flavors into hand gel scents! lol

Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the other photos... poor lighting and unprof photographer took them (referring to yours truly. hihi).

These are perfect not just for your personal use. PocketBacs are also perfect gifts for Christmas or for any occasion. They are suitable for both boys and girls, and for all ages! If you are interested in buying one or some of these, you can come by and have a "smell test" for the PB scents. And if you really are sure in buying PBs from me, then please leave a comment or try to reach me (thru FB, SMS, etc).

PBs with holders

Bath&BodyWorks products

Me and my PB.The colors! Hehe.

Peace and Love! <3

Christmas-themed PB!
As for the selling price, contact me first so I can advise you about it. Happy viewing, smelling and shopping! :)