Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are you the Sweet July Winner?

July 22, 2013
2 in the afternoon

I know you've been wanting to know who our Sweet June Giveaway's lucky winner is. And as promised, the lucky lady's name is revealed in this blog post exactly a week after the giveaway ended. And I call her our Sweet July Winner, thus the title. But before that, let me take this opportunity to greet a very special friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You all know her. That is, if you took time to read the Sweet June Giveaway post. She is no other than my Koreana-slash-gwiyomi-slash-bangs-flight attendant friend: Risha!
Ang pinag-effortang photo collage. LOL
If not for her, there wouldn't be a Sweet June Giveaway. So it's all thanks to her and her online shop. Actually, today's not her birthday yet. It'll be on the 27th. But anyways, I want to be the first one to greet her through this blog post. So it's a double celebration -- winner announcement + our sponsor's birthday! Isn't that awesome?
And our lucky winner here will soon feel awesomely sexy when she wears our FAB DRESS from Cebu Koreana Shop. Our winner is:
You are the deserving winner for our giveaway! Please contact me ASAP. The first winner I picked kinda forgot to leave a comment on the blog post, which is one of the mandatory mechanics. And she clicked "enter" without actually doing what she was told to do. So, I think the gods looked down on you, Sherry Ann. They granted your plea of owning that fab dress. As you have said on So Sweet Suzette fanpage's status update, "hoping the dress would be mine" and IT IS NOW YOURS! *winks*
So next time, ladies and gentlemen (because we now have male readers which makes me really happy), please do not forget to do everything the rafflecopter asks you. I'm super grateful for 2000+ entries and for the outpour of love and support. Thank you! There'll be more giveaways in the future. *fingers-crossed*
Please wish our birthday girl, Risha (twitter: @rishatan) a happy birthday! And congratulations to Sherry Ann!
Have a sweet day! <3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

NOTD: If You've Got It, Haunt It

July 10, 2013
2 pm (US time)

Hello there sweeties! Thank you for your giveaway entries! We're 5 days away from the end of accepting entries but we've reached more than 1,500 already! (yay!) I have read all of your comments for the Sweet June giveaway, especially your answers to what you wanted to see more from my blog. And by this time, I really can't promise you anything but I will try my hardest to give you the "things" you've been wanting to see here in So Sweet Suzette. *winks*

I recently received a great blessing from the Almighty. Will share that story later, maybe on a separate post if I will find time. But for now, here's a quick post.

This is just a simple nail color. Not as complicated as my Zebra art last time. And since some readers have been saying that I should atleast show or state a step-by-step procedure for the NOTD posts, then here goes for today:
First, you clean your nails (of course). Second, apply a base coat. You can directly use this nail color, or an option can be of that dark nail colors - black or dark blue perhaps. Then apply 2 layers of THIS color. And then finish off with a colorless lacquer.


THIS nail color :)
Sephora by OPI (Tinsel Town)

You might find the blog title confusing. But the label for our NOTD, "If You've Got It, Haunt It," comes from the box itself.

Tinsel Town edition of Sephora Nail Colors. A gift I received from my Sissy.
THIS nail color is the one on the rightmost side.
So here's a photo of a DARK vs. LIGHT nail color. That's my hand on the left (the darker nail color). Beside it is my cousin's hand, with a light pink nail color.

Actually, she was just the one taking pictures of her nails because she loves how the nails matched with her strawberry ring! Which is just so cute! :) So I joined in. Haha! *Epal mode*
Mine && Merpy's

In a few days, our giveaway will end and I'm excited to know who our lucky lady is. Keep sending your entries! <3