Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOTD: Bluer than Blue

Before we all say goodbye to October, I'd like to share to you my NOTD (Nail of the Day). And you read the title right, it's bluer than blue... because I see it as a darker shade of blue, somewhat like the midnight sky, I think. And to add drama, I had glitters on it too.

Actually, I wasn't the one who did my nails. My Mama's manicurista came over (home service) and did mine and my Mama's nails.

Aren't they lovely? Haha!

According to a friend, the nail polish/color somehow suits my fingers and it makes my skin "more white". Also, when I went to the mall the next day after I had them done, the people I met (friends and some old friends) just did notice my nails! Haha!

My toenails are not exempted!

Honestly, I really love the nail color I have now. It's been almost a week and the color's still there. Maybe I'll still have it for two or more days.

Whatever nail color/polish we have, we must always remember to keep our nails clean. Chos :)

So, there! Just a rather quick NOTD post. Happy Halloween everyone! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Lotions & Creams

Note: Please do not read this if you haven't read my previous post yet, PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks. This is somewhatlikea continuation of that post. *grins*

Aside from having those PocketBacs for handy disinfection purposes, we, especially the girls, tend not just to  mind our hygiene. We also want to have that smooth and young looking skin as ever. The boxes (as what I was talking about here) did not just come with the PocketBacs inside. Together with those cute gels are some items I know ladies would surely love. Here they are:

And oh yes, they're lotions and creams! Lotions/creams are actually a basic and integral part of every girls' closet or dresser. Well, maybe some girls do not really consider putting on lotions everyday, but I know most of us do. And I don't see it as vanity or kaartehan. I see it as a desire in a good way. Who wouldn't want to have smooth, soft and moisturized skin?

And what I have here with me are actually products of a truly trusted brand known worldwide. What girl wouldn't know what Victoria's Secret is?

As they are presented individually, please take a look at the different "flavors" (Haha! I still fondly call them flavors, though I know we're not talking about food here). Perhaps, you might as well consider the labels, because they're kinda funny, but very interesting! :) And if you are into colors, then take a look at what colors they have.

PART 1: The Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream
200mL/ 6.7 Fl oz.
Lost in Fantasy - blue
Mama's pick! :)

True Escape - green

Passionate Kisses - pink

Be Seduced - purple

Secret Charm - indigo

Secret Craving - Redviolet

PART 2: Hydrating Body Lotion
250 mL/ 8.4 Fl oz.

Be Seduced - purple

Romantic Wish - pink

Midnight Mimosa - green

Berry Kiss - lilac
Before you can say anything, I again admit that I am not good at photography. Neither am I any better at photoshop or photo editing. So, bear with the pictures please. *smiles*

These babies aside from being skin moisturizers, are also scent providers (sorry for the terms used. lol)! Talk about being skin-friendly plus nose-friendly at the same time. So, again if you are in any way interested to buy and to bring home some of these babies, just contact me thru my Facebook accounts, send me an SMS, or simply leave a comment below.

Visits are still welcome. Stocks are limited. Prices are given upon inquiry. Thank you sweeties! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks

AntiBac is a short term for anti-bacterial hand gel, and for any anti-bacterial stuff. Also, PocketBac has been the label for anti-bacterial hand gel made handy and convenient, to the point of having it hung on your very own bags and backpacks. Because of their cuteness (small size), they are considered to be pocket-friendly, as the name suggests.

I did some photoshoot with the PocketBacs! Weeeee! :)
It was last year, 2011, when the PocketBac craze went wild here in the Philippines. And those selling the stuffs can really say that the PocketBacs sell like hotcakes on the street! And because Bath&BodyWorks PocketBacs are a bit expensive (prices range from 80php above), those who couldn't afford just resort to buying the "imit" (imitations, not the original) ones priced at around 30php or less each, already with holders. Very affordable, aren't they?

However, even with the price difference and accessibility which really favors the cheap ones, I still go for the original and expensive (ouch!) PocketBacs. Yes, you can save about 50php or more when you buy the cheap ones but you can't really be sure of its quality. My point here is, you are buying the PocketBac because you want to use an ANTI-BACTERIAL hand gel. You do not just want to have a scented gel or a bag accessory, but one that can clean your hands even at times when water and soap aren't around.

So much for the intro (haha! Intro pa pala yun? lol), I made this post because my Sissy from the U.S. sent PocketBacs for me. The boxes, containing my Mama's shopping stuffs when she was in the U.S. plus my Sissy's padalas, arrived here last Friday. And because there are lots of PocketBacs, which I know for sure are just too many for me, Mama and I decided to sell some of them to you, my friends!

I can guarantee you that these PocketBacs are 100% authentic Bath&BodyWorks products. They are bought in California, United States. They're fresh and clean. And most of all, they are on-hand. So, here are the photos.

They come in different scents. The one in the middle is just too cute! It's the Pink Bloom PB.

Funny how they (the manufacturers) can also think of turning food flavors into hand gel scents! lol

Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the other photos... poor lighting and unprof photographer took them (referring to yours truly. hihi).

These are perfect not just for your personal use. PocketBacs are also perfect gifts for Christmas or for any occasion. They are suitable for both boys and girls, and for all ages! If you are interested in buying one or some of these, you can come by and have a "smell test" for the PB scents. And if you really are sure in buying PBs from me, then please leave a comment or try to reach me (thru FB, SMS, etc).

PBs with holders

Bath&BodyWorks products

Me and my PB.The colors! Hehe.

Peace and Love! <3

Christmas-themed PB!
As for the selling price, contact me first so I can advise you about it. Happy viewing, smelling and shopping! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

PF: Pink Coach Bag

Hello sweeties! Okay I know I am such a lazy blogger. But at least I was able to publish a blog entry for last week, which was actually about my birthday. It was supposed to be published here, but I decided to move it to my personal blog, the Exotic Expressions. I gave it a random title, but not the common one for birthday blogs. Haha! So, it's the "Red Days, Not Always Bad Days". You can all have a read. I also made some changes with the blog. So basically, that made me kinda busy.

So today, I am back with another Pink Friday post. Again, I am so late -- a day late, to be exact. The tardiness is actually because I went to the city yesterday and got home kinda late. Plus, Mama was using the laptop the whole night! Anyway, here's the photo with a pink stuff.

As you can see, it is a pink Coach bag. Coach is actually my Mama's favorite bag brand. She bought this bag when she went to the U.S. more than a month ago, with a couple of some other bags. I actually want to have this. But it's too expensive for me! Mama is actually selling this bag for over 10,000php. Haha! Definitely a price I can't afford. *sighs*

That's how the whole bag looks. It's very classy and girly at the same time. Well, Mama does not call its color pink, instead she refers to it as the "old rose". Still, a stuff which deserves a spot for my Pink Friday post for October 12, 2012!

What do you think of this pink (old rose) Coach bag sweeties?

Monday, October 8, 2012

PF: My Pink Pen

Hello there! :)

I am very much aware that today isn't Friday anymore. Today is Monday and this Pink Friday post should have been here last Friday. Sadly, I wasn't able to blog for the past days. I was kinda busy. So, forgive me.

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Friday (October 5), actually.  And yes, I'll be blogging about that soon, though I have already written about some thoughts on my Exotic Expressions blog.

As much as I would really love to post here my fabulous pink birthday cake, I opt not to... just because I want to show you the cake photo together with my other birthday photos. So for now, I am sharing to you a not-so-long-time ago photo. Believe me, I really went into some "photos and stuffs searching" here in my laptop for this post! *winks*

That's a photo of my pink pen. It's the pen I fondly use for my notes when I was in college, like about 3 years ago (2nd year college, to be exact). And the photo was taken with my old blue Nokia phone - the phone which I really loved. This was by the way taken inside our classroom. So much for not paying attention to the  clinical instructor. Haha!

Stay tuned for my next posts! Happy Pink Days sweeties! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Feature: White Poppy Wishes

This online shop will cater your accessories needs! At one glance on the photos of its Facebook account, you will surely fall inlove with the products!

The best feature of this online accessories shop is the fact that they have handmade products, carefully made and crafted by the owner herself. The shop I am talking about is no other than, White Poppy Wishes.

I conducted an online interview with the owner of the shop, Mommy Aine. And with the interview we had, I learned more about her shop and her love for accessories.

According to her, she has been selling personally handmade accessories for 6 years now. But it was just recently when she decided to bring the products online. She also thought of adding a couple of ready-to-wear accessories. She was inspired by other online shops and thought, "if they can do it, why can't I?" She was thankful that she loved joining giveaways because it truly opened her eyes about online shops, that there is indeed a big potential of earning at the comfort of one's home.

When asked about why accessories shop, she answered with this: "Accessories, because it's the fastest item that you can cater to all ages. However, I've been also doing a lot of thinking on adding new and pre-loved clothes, and some baby items too. I simply wanted it to be a one-stop online shop for ladies, mommies, little ones.. and even for daddies too!"

From her Elegant Pieces collection

Upon hearing (or  reading) of the shop name, curiosity came into me. It isn't a common name for online shops. So I asked Mommy Aine why the shop is named White Poppy Wishes. Mommy Aine answers, "White is my daughter's birth month flower color and Poppy is my birth month flower. Wishes is simply my hope of becoming successful with what I am doing right now!" And she puts a smiley. :)

Handmade Earrings

 The photos shown above are just some of White Poppy Wishes' most loved items. These handmade earrings are the best sellers and they're even the highly recommended items of Mommy Aine. This is so, because according to her, a handmade accessory can be your best gift to someone because it is carefully handcrafted with love.

Some of her items from the RTW collection

And because I know different online shops abound the Facebook world today, I asked Mommy Aine what makes her shop different, or perhaps special. Her response:
"The heart and soul I put in every accessory I make. And of course, for the ready-to-wear, I personally do a thorough quality check of the items before I send them to my buyers."
For more of her items, please add White Poppy Wishes as your friend on Facebook. Just click here.

Get the lovely accessories at affordable prices, with the comfort of staying at home. Browse through White Poppy Wishes albums and you will surely have that item shipped with love and care straight to your doorstep.  I've already picked my orders, how about you sweeties?

Photos were grabbed with permission from the owner.

Pink n Brown

Last week, I received a package, sent to me via LBC. It's the skirt Trishie sent me as a prize for one of her giveaways. It's an animal-print skirt, and I was really wondering what to wear for its top. I don't want to spend, just to have that perfect pair for that skirt. Then a while later, my "kumare" sent me an SMS reminding me of her daughter's birthday. With the invitation/reminder was a note saying, the guests should wear something "pink". Suddenly, an idea crossed my mind -- why not pair the animal print mullet skirt with a pink top?

Oftentimes, pink is paired with black. No arguments about the pink&black combo, I myself really love pink&black. And what I tried out this time is a real experiment: Pink and Brown.

So, here's how it looked like:

So with that outfit, I followed the dress code of my goddaughter's birthday party. Plus, I was able to wear my new mullet skirt and the accessories I won from Bebengisms & Paperdoll. And, and, and ... it totally matched my new sandals, which I really loved because it's tassel + feather combined in one style! I used to think that tassels and feathers are only for earrings and head pieces, but I was proven wrong when my Mama brought home this lovely footwear (bought by my Sissy in the US).

Outfit details:
Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Trishie Couture
Sandals- Mossimo
Bag - Nine West
Eyewear - Charlotte Russe
Bracelet, Ring, & Earrings - Paperdoll
Necklace - Forever21

Pink & Brown isn't so bad a combo after all. :)