Saturday, September 29, 2012

PF: My Pink X3 Phone

TGIF! Okay I know it's 30 minutes past 12 midnight now, so it's technically Saturday. Anyway, I still consider this night to be a Friday night. Haha!

And because it's Friday, here's my second Pink Fridays entry.

What you're seeing on the photo is my pink X3 phone. Well yes, it's beside the glass, fork, spoon and table napkin. I'm too lazy to crop and I just want to upload the original photo. This was taken almost a year ago. This was during a dinner at Kenny Rogers - SM Mall of Asia.

And this photo is a little sneak peek for my upcoming post about my Baguio PACSA experience last year. It'll be a little "recall article" for my trip's anniversary celebration. *winks*

So, I guess it's time to sleep now (but not for me, just yet). Night sweeties! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Online Shops, Soon at SSS

One thing I've noticed in the cyberspace now is the fact that there are already a lot of online shops. Again, A LOT. Before, the online shops used to dominate Shop Multiply. But right now, the best place (I think) for online shops to operate is on Facebook.

Considering the fact that there are millions, or billions, of FB users in the world, the online shop owners took advantage of having that comfort in posting their shop products, plus advertisements on Facebook for free. Also, they can easily add friends to "become friends" of their online shop's account. Those who use the fanpage method, simply invite their friends to like their fanpage.

I can also see that people are also very interested about online shops - that includes me.Who would reject that chance to just shop at the comfort of your home? People patronize online shops and their products, that is also if they have seen the credibility of the shop owners and also the quality of the products they are buying online.

So, from now on sweeties, I will be featuring online shops. Sounds interesting, isn't it? And rest assured, I will only feature online shops which I know are "worth-featuring". This means, I already know how credible the owners are and that their products are loved by the buyers. Please watch out for my shop features here in SSS.

I am currently drafting a blog feature for an online accessories shop! So, please stay tuned! :)

Photo by my friend, Longski.

P.S. The photo does not have any relevance with the article written. I just want to post it here. Hehe :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pink Fridays: Pink Cake

There is really something about blog memes. It somehow gives an appeal not just to the readers, but to the bloggers as well. My cousin, who is also a blogger, has invited me to join this blog meme, the Pink Fridays. My other cousin also mentioned about this meme before. Sure, it is a "popular" meme. Its popularity maybe because of the fact that this has started since December 2008 and also because of its color, pink. Without second thoughts, I decided to join this meme because I am a pink-lover.

For the Friday of this week, I am posting this PINK CAKE. This is the birthday cake of my goddaughter, Fabriella.

Ellah celebrated her first birthday last Monday, September 17. And this (photo) is her princess-y birthday cake, which is PINK!

So for the next Fridays, please watch out for more Pink Friday posts! Also, if you are a blogger and perhaps, a pink-lover, you can join us! Just leave the link to your blog on the comment box below, so I can read your PF posts. Happy Pink Friday, sweeties!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

thankyou Redhunt!

Sorry if I haven't posted any blog entry last week. I've been busy for our fiesta. Visit my other blog for more deets.

And since I promised you that I'll be posting my product reviews and my online contest prizes here, then I'm giving you this post. :) Well, I want to share to you a short story first. (Short lang talaga. haha!)

I won a raffle giveaway during the last week of August. It was one of the first giveaways I joined, and the first one in which I actually won. I was just a little surprised and thankful at the same time for winning. I considered myself to be "lucky" because I was able to join just when it was already less than 30mins before the cut-off time! Though aware of that small chance I got, I gave it a shot not for anything else but for the cool prizes at stake -- Redhunt shirt and shorts!

The prize was supposed to be claimed at their bazaar during the ETC Fashion Flea Market, but since I'm from Bohol, the owner suggested to just have the items shipped to me. However, I had to pay for the shipping fee. But no worries, because the fee is totally worth it!

And as soon as my package arrived, I took several shots:

The unwrapping, featuring the official Redhunt sticker

The shirt's wrap is just cute.

The shorts and the "Stoked" shirt

And here's how the items look when worn, in my "parang baliw lang" pose. I wore a pink tube as under-piece for the Stoked shirt, since it's a little revealing. Haha!

Aren't they cool? Now, that makes me cool too. Ha! I just wore the clothes for photo purposes, so I can post them here. But the clothes can be used as everyday-wear. They're made of cotton, which makes them comfy.

If you wanna get hold of exactly the same items as I am wearing, you can visit Redhunt's FB page.
I am part of the pack, are you?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday! :)

Hello there sweeties!

Today is September 9, but I officially decided and started making this blog yesterday, the 8th of September. It was Mama Mary's birthday and the official birthday of my new blog, So Sweet Suzette!

Why Make So Sweet Suzette?

I decided to give birth to this new blog simply to give way to my different side as a person. My blog features will be posted here, as well as the prizes or rewards or token I received and will be receiving (char, kung makaexpect, haha) in the coming days.

What's the Difference between So Sweet Suzette and Exotic Expressions?

Exotic Expressions is more of my personal blog, where I write my personal experiences and feelings or insights. It's more like my journal or diary maybe (haha!). I even tend to write long blog entries there to pour out my emotions and narrate detail by detail the stories or events in my life. Meanwhile, So Sweet Suzette is my fashion and beauty blog. I am not a beauty or fashion expert but I will try my best to research and feature here the best picks for my readers! Also, I will be showing off my "girly" side with this blog and share it to you my readers. While EE is more of "me", SSS is more of "you"! But of course, I'd still be sharing a piece of myself here in SSS.

What Can the Readers Expect From SSS?

As I've said, I will be posting my blog features here in SSS. Pictures and posts about the prizes from the different contests I've joined and won can also be read and seen here. I will also listen to my readers who can give any suggestion on how I can improve this blog and the posts in here. I am also planning to have a giveaway very soon - only here in SSS! So, stay tuned! :)

So, that's it! Thank you for visiting my new blog! Welcome to So Sweet Suzette!

P.S. Kindly follow this blog via GFC. Just click "Join this site" on the sidebar. ty!