Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Wish that Came True


Do you remember how I wished for something before and it suddenly came true? I mentioned it on my post HERE. It was about my wish of hosting a giveaway for my dear blog readers, which eventually came true with the help of a generous online shop owner.

And apart from that, I also have many other wishes and dreams. One of them is actually the dream of driving. I hoped that one day, I can drive along the streets of Bohol (and CA, soon) confidently and safely. And just yesterday, I can feel that I'm already a step closer to making that dream come true! I actually posted a status on my personal Facebook account about that exciting experience I had. I wasn't really boasting, I was just super-happy! :)

Photo taken by my cousin, Angeli (She was at the backseat). This was taken during my Day 1 of driving practice. The car I used here was manual (with clutch). However, I was driving an automatic vehicle on the highway (the one I was referring to with my status).

The FB status I posted. It's in Boholano/Cebuano dialect. Pasensya po sa mga Tagalog readers. hihi ;)

And since I am really happy with my driving improvements, I want to share the happiness with you. So I won't make you wait any longer. As our giveaway tagline goes "Sweet wishes do come true!", a wish of mine came true, and so will our lucky winner's too.

So here's the screen cap:
(aka Tere Decena)

You are the lucky reader who gets to receive the lovely set of accessories from White Poppy Wishes. As I've mentioned on the giveaway post, you must contact me within 48 hours. Just send an email to gayle_suzette@yahoo.com so we can make chika on how you can claim your prize! *winks*

To everyone, I may have said this many times, but I just want to THANK YOU for joining my first blog giveaway. There will be more to come, so don't be sad. And please continue supporting So Sweet Suzette.

HUGS on a cold evening,
Suzette <3


  1. yay!! .. i won!!..thank u so much,,
    and congrat's for all of your wishes that came true !! :D

    1. Congrats again Marine Therese! It was a well-deserved win, by the way. And thanks :) Please keep on supporting my blog! xoxo

  2. i really want to learn to drive too,wish i have the confidence to do it :)