Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello Kitty Lover

Hello November!

Yes, this is my first post for the new month, November. Imagine, we're just some days away from Christmas! Hmm.. Surely a season to look forward to, since Halloween time is over (but I am well aware there are still pahabol halloween parties here and there).

I was indeed kinda busy yesterday for our little celebration/commemoration of All Soul's Day. In fact, I spent about 5 hours at the cemetery yesterday. Aside from knowing it was Soul's Day yesterday, did you know it was Hello Kitty's birthday too? Or, do you even know who Hello Kitty is? (Haha, I actually posted a status on my personal FB account about my Papa asking who HK is. lol)

Actually, I hadn't known about HK's birthday until I was able to read its fanpage's post yesterday afternoon! And unintentionally, I was wearing a HK tee!!! And mind you, I don't always wear that shirt. Hmm.. sadyang tadhana lang ba? Haha :D

Taken at my Lola's mosoleo. Wearing my HK earrings too! :)
And thank you Ate Goy for my shirt.

So, that'll be all for now. Will be making more blog posts soon. Might update this post too, for more photos. Happy November sweeties! <3


  1. Aww.. So cute nung t-shirt! :)

  2. cute hk shirt :) and the one wearing it is also cute,wink...