Monday, October 22, 2012

PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks

AntiBac is a short term for anti-bacterial hand gel, and for any anti-bacterial stuff. Also, PocketBac has been the label for anti-bacterial hand gel made handy and convenient, to the point of having it hung on your very own bags and backpacks. Because of their cuteness (small size), they are considered to be pocket-friendly, as the name suggests.

I did some photoshoot with the PocketBacs! Weeeee! :)
It was last year, 2011, when the PocketBac craze went wild here in the Philippines. And those selling the stuffs can really say that the PocketBacs sell like hotcakes on the street! And because Bath&BodyWorks PocketBacs are a bit expensive (prices range from 80php above), those who couldn't afford just resort to buying the "imit" (imitations, not the original) ones priced at around 30php or less each, already with holders. Very affordable, aren't they?

However, even with the price difference and accessibility which really favors the cheap ones, I still go for the original and expensive (ouch!) PocketBacs. Yes, you can save about 50php or more when you buy the cheap ones but you can't really be sure of its quality. My point here is, you are buying the PocketBac because you want to use an ANTI-BACTERIAL hand gel. You do not just want to have a scented gel or a bag accessory, but one that can clean your hands even at times when water and soap aren't around.

So much for the intro (haha! Intro pa pala yun? lol), I made this post because my Sissy from the U.S. sent PocketBacs for me. The boxes, containing my Mama's shopping stuffs when she was in the U.S. plus my Sissy's padalas, arrived here last Friday. And because there are lots of PocketBacs, which I know for sure are just too many for me, Mama and I decided to sell some of them to you, my friends!

I can guarantee you that these PocketBacs are 100% authentic Bath&BodyWorks products. They are bought in California, United States. They're fresh and clean. And most of all, they are on-hand. So, here are the photos.

They come in different scents. The one in the middle is just too cute! It's the Pink Bloom PB.

Funny how they (the manufacturers) can also think of turning food flavors into hand gel scents! lol

Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the other photos... poor lighting and unprof photographer took them (referring to yours truly. hihi).

These are perfect not just for your personal use. PocketBacs are also perfect gifts for Christmas or for any occasion. They are suitable for both boys and girls, and for all ages! If you are interested in buying one or some of these, you can come by and have a "smell test" for the PB scents. And if you really are sure in buying PBs from me, then please leave a comment or try to reach me (thru FB, SMS, etc).

PBs with holders

Bath&BodyWorks products

Me and my PB.The colors! Hehe.

Peace and Love! <3

Christmas-themed PB!
As for the selling price, contact me first so I can advise you about it. Happy viewing, smelling and shopping! :)


  1. And i thought you are having a giveaway. Hahah

  2. Aww.. This reminds me of my online shop long way 2012!when we were selling this pocketbacs! One of our bestseller was the warm vanilla sugar and sea island cotton!You can still visit our online shop!