Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the Screen: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Indeed, today has been a very great day for me. :)

Okay so everybody knows today is Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2's first day of (worldwide) showing/screening. And since I've been a fan of the saga, ever since 1st year college (year 2008), I've been rooting to watch the last movie of the series on the first day! Yes, I want to be among the first ones who'll get to see the movie... actually, the end to what stayed as a worldwide phenomenon for years.

I was with my little brother and my boyfie. We actually scheduled this moviedate last week. So, I really went to the city (for those who do not know yet, I am living in a rural area here in Bohol, about 42kms away from the city proper) this afternoon for our moviedate to push through. My boyfie and I made some inquiry about the screening schedules of the cinemas. Luckily, there was a 5:30pm screening time - just after my bro's classes. While the the ending time's just right for us to have a dinner together before I go home.

I took a shot of the movie poster outside the cinema, just after we watched the whole movie and
I actually decided to blog about this ;)
Well, just a disclaimer. This is actually not a spoiler but sort of a review. *winks* So the movie started with Bella waking up... as a vampire. Actually, the first third of the movie was focused on Bella and of her adjustments as a vampire. Because of course, she had changed. She adjusted with her thirst for blood, her unusual speed and strength, and her power.

Emmett an Bella's armwrestling. And guess what, the newborn won! :)

Then the thrill of the movie came when the Volturi heard of the existence of their child, Renesmee, who was actually being imprinted by Jacob (as seen on Breaking Dawn Part 1). Apparently, a vampire, who was actually a friend of the Cullens, reported to the Volturi as she mistakenly thought of the child as immortal. Or, should a say, a vampire kid. The Volturi actually had an experience before that a vampire kid literally killed so many people, a village of them, actually. This is because an "immortal child" cannot be trained with their appetites, and has tantrums and imperfect self-control. This makes it illegal.


The Cullens tried to gather as many witnesses as they can, so they can convince the Volturi that Renesmee is a growing child, not an immortal one. That she has a beating heart and blood is running through her veins. Then the day came when the Volturi finally showed up, with their classic black robes, of course. Across them, the Cullens and the pack of werewolves, featuring Jacob by the little girl's side.

Then the unexpected happened. I won't spoil it yet to you guys. But just a tip, when you watch, pay attention to the last part! I mean it. The first part of the movie is kinda boring, actually. But there's a twist in the end. Important characters would die, some from the Cullens, others from the Volturi. Then, a thing happens. HAHA! :D

The meadow episode, towards the very end of the movie, where one of my fave songs "A Thousand Years"
plays on the background. <3

It is actually kinda funny anyway and entertaining. I enjoyed it. And I think that's what matters most.

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  1. my favorite movie,i just keep on watching this over and over again,

  2. This is not my favorite movie! But I like the book! I prefer reading books kasi than watching movie! (BOOKWORM MUCH? HAHA LOL!)