Friday, October 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Lotions & Creams

Note: Please do not read this if you haven't read my previous post yet, PocketBacs for your Bags & Backpacks. This is somewhatlikea continuation of that post. *grins*

Aside from having those PocketBacs for handy disinfection purposes, we, especially the girls, tend not just to  mind our hygiene. We also want to have that smooth and young looking skin as ever. The boxes (as what I was talking about here) did not just come with the PocketBacs inside. Together with those cute gels are some items I know ladies would surely love. Here they are:

And oh yes, they're lotions and creams! Lotions/creams are actually a basic and integral part of every girls' closet or dresser. Well, maybe some girls do not really consider putting on lotions everyday, but I know most of us do. And I don't see it as vanity or kaartehan. I see it as a desire in a good way. Who wouldn't want to have smooth, soft and moisturized skin?

And what I have here with me are actually products of a truly trusted brand known worldwide. What girl wouldn't know what Victoria's Secret is?

As they are presented individually, please take a look at the different "flavors" (Haha! I still fondly call them flavors, though I know we're not talking about food here). Perhaps, you might as well consider the labels, because they're kinda funny, but very interesting! :) And if you are into colors, then take a look at what colors they have.

PART 1: The Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream
200mL/ 6.7 Fl oz.
Lost in Fantasy - blue
Mama's pick! :)

True Escape - green

Passionate Kisses - pink

Be Seduced - purple

Secret Charm - indigo

Secret Craving - Redviolet

PART 2: Hydrating Body Lotion
250 mL/ 8.4 Fl oz.

Be Seduced - purple

Romantic Wish - pink

Midnight Mimosa - green

Berry Kiss - lilac
Before you can say anything, I again admit that I am not good at photography. Neither am I any better at photoshop or photo editing. So, bear with the pictures please. *smiles*

These babies aside from being skin moisturizers, are also scent providers (sorry for the terms used. lol)! Talk about being skin-friendly plus nose-friendly at the same time. So, again if you are in any way interested to buy and to bring home some of these babies, just contact me thru my Facebook accounts, send me an SMS, or simply leave a comment below.

Visits are still welcome. Stocks are limited. Prices are given upon inquiry. Thank you sweeties! :)

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