Saturday, December 22, 2012

It Ain't the End of the World


Warning: this not a formal article or whatever, this is a chika blog post. So you better Enjoy! ;)

Okay so I know I've been gone for more than a week now (blogging-wise). And I apologize, especially to the readers who visit my blog regularly (as if there are. Haha!). I didn't have much time to sit in front of the laptop and spend hours writing a blog post, plus editing, etc. I hope you get my point. Teehee. And even now, I just did the laundry. And I have to sleep because apparently, it's already 2 in the morning. By the way, I'm not a Philippine-based blogger now, but still a Boholano blogger by heart. Char <3

Actually, I really wanted to blog about so many things and share them to you guys! There are so many to the point that I can't anymore tell what to write about first. But I still have to consider the time I have and will be having for the next few days. Luckily, the world didn't end earlier today. Or yesterday, in some countries' case, like the Philippines. Well, I really hoped it wouldn't yet. I still want to do a lot of things and I know most people do too.

And yes, I still have to write a dozen of blog posts here! And still planning to host a giveaway in the coming year, 2013. Now wouldn't my readers love that? *winks* For now, I just really want to cuddle my pillow and take a rest, wear a sweater and hug the comforter, for it's really a cold evening. Do you remember I mentioned on my previous post that I'd be spending my Christmas with my sister's family in her place? Well, I'm here. Alive and lucky. *smiles* And I'm just so grateful a heater is warming us all up here. The cold air outside really chills me to my bones, literally.

And I so wanted to add a photo here, just one though. But I don't know how to upload a photo using this web browser Safari. I just borrowed my Sissy's iPad, and I'm such a noob. Hehe. So I might just upload photos next time. Though, I'm not really sure when that'll be. Hmm. We'll probably be busy til after Christmas. :)

Enjoy your presents. Eat a lot (forget about how much you weigh). Laugh, sing and dance!
Merry Christmas and have a sweet new year ahead! Give love! <3

Friday, December 7, 2012

PF: Pink Hello Kitty Watch


Hello, it's Friday! And I'm back with another Pink Fridays post. Well, you all know how I just love Hello Kitty, don't you? I've had a post about her birthday last month HERE.

So as I was browsing my photos stored here in the laptop to find something pink (so I can use it here), I came across this cute photo of one of my Hello Kitty stuffs. It's a pink Hello Kitty wristwatch! :)

I took a shot of the watch, which kinda matched my pink lipstick! HAHA :)
Here's how the watch really look like. So the watch's strap is silvery. But I just love how Hello Kitty's ribbon is colored baby pink. Plus, it has a pink round bezel. Just cute ;)
A kiss on the cute HK box!
The watch came from my Sissy (in the US). She also loves Hello Kitty. And I just remember her being my very own "shopper" when I had my Hello Kitty collection when I was a kid (way back elementary years). And take note, she's also the one who gave me the HK shirt I was mentioning in another blog post (HERE). So you can really say she's supportive. And I'm so lucky to have her as my Ate. Weee :)

By the way, it's almost Christmas! Are you having a little trouble about your Christmas shopping? Well, a watch like this one can really turn out great for a gift! And I'm so looking forward to spending my Christmas with my Ate and her family. Mom will be with us, too.

I moved this PF badge here, bottom part of the post, so a thumbnail can be used when I share my post :)
Cold Friday evening sweeties! Pinkylove. Hellokittylove. <3

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Wish that Came True


Do you remember how I wished for something before and it suddenly came true? I mentioned it on my post HERE. It was about my wish of hosting a giveaway for my dear blog readers, which eventually came true with the help of a generous online shop owner.

And apart from that, I also have many other wishes and dreams. One of them is actually the dream of driving. I hoped that one day, I can drive along the streets of Bohol (and CA, soon) confidently and safely. And just yesterday, I can feel that I'm already a step closer to making that dream come true! I actually posted a status on my personal Facebook account about that exciting experience I had. I wasn't really boasting, I was just super-happy! :)

Photo taken by my cousin, Angeli (She was at the backseat). This was taken during my Day 1 of driving practice. The car I used here was manual (with clutch). However, I was driving an automatic vehicle on the highway (the one I was referring to with my status).

The FB status I posted. It's in Boholano/Cebuano dialect. Pasensya po sa mga Tagalog readers. hihi ;)

And since I am really happy with my driving improvements, I want to share the happiness with you. So I won't make you wait any longer. As our giveaway tagline goes "Sweet wishes do come true!", a wish of mine came true, and so will our lucky winner's too.

So here's the screen cap:
(aka Tere Decena)

You are the lucky reader who gets to receive the lovely set of accessories from White Poppy Wishes. As I've mentioned on the giveaway post, you must contact me within 48 hours. Just send an email to so we can make chika on how you can claim your prize! *winks*

To everyone, I may have said this many times, but I just want to THANK YOU for joining my first blog giveaway. There will be more to come, so don't be sad. And please continue supporting So Sweet Suzette.

HUGS on a cold evening,
Suzette <3

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's a PerPINK Fit!

12/2/12 :)

This is a VERY LATE post. Apologies. :)

Last September 29, a Saturday, my poging cousin Neilboy celebrated his 21st birthday. It was his debut celebration. This blog entry is supposedly an outfit post, but I wasn't really able to wear a bonggang-bonggang outfit. In fact, I forgot to wear the accessories I prepared! Haha! I actually left them inside my big bag, which was there in the hotel room where we changed our outfits. Just please bear with the simplicity of my outfit because I'll be posting the photos here, anyway.

And here are some of the photos: (courtesy of kuya Rodel Ryan Yana)

The simple ME + ENGINEER paraphernalia.
Do they look good on me? :) Bagay ba?

It's me and the birthday boy himself! Talk about sharing the baby crib before with this dear cousin :)

Photo imported from my other blog, as seen on the watermark. Hihi ;)
So there! There are actually more photos.. lots of them. But I just want to show you I looked like during that event, or that night. I actually found this pink dress at a boutique in Cebu City. Honestly, I didn't find this, my Mama did. And she forced me to try this on. Then ta-dah! She said it looked good on me. And she bought it for me. Thanks, Ma. <3

My shoes? They're from my Sissy (in the US). It's a Jessica Simpson pair. Very lovely, indeed. And I should also say thank you to my ever supportive cousin-in-law Kuya Rodel Yana, for taking the photos. :)

It's the second day of the last month today. Few more days before Christmas. And I've just realized that when I saw the 1st candle of the advent wreath lighted at the church. Today is actually the first Sunday of Advent. Whew! I think I need to do a Christmas wishlist sometime soon, you should too sweeties! :)