Thursday, November 29, 2012

Through the Lens: Shopaholic & Sister

Before anything else, have you read my blog about reading the book, Shopaholic Ties the Knot? I think you should read it first HERE before you continue reading this blog post.

Do you remember the status I posted on So Sweet Suzette's fanpage? Well, it was about me almost done reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot. And that, the next thing I'd be facing with my glasses on is the book Shopaholic and Sister, sequel to the former.

I actually find the story of this book funny because I didn't realize Becky Bloomwood's long-lost sister, Jessica, would be so weird! And yes, she really is weird. Though I'm still halfway through, I know I'd still be having fun reading more of the book. And like I've said with my previous post (about Shopaholic Ties the Knot), the book isn't just about pure comedy, it has a heart.

With the book on my hand. I actually look FAT here. Haha! Try to see the other photo.
Photo by Merpy Angeli.

The story basically started with Becky and Luke's round-the-world honeymoon (because they eventually got married on the previous book). And funny thing about their honeymoon is the fact that Becky, being a shopaholic, bought super lotsa things from different countries and had them all shipped home. Ending? There were 2 lorries of them (lorries as in trucks with loads, like those of container vans, I think *winks*). So, their apartment ended up having mountains of mess. Well, they're not really rubbish, but looked like they were because they were not sorted out and they somehow took all the space.

But before the loads of Becky's shopping souvenirs arrived, they went to Suze's place to celebrate the twins' Christening. Suze, Becky's bestfriend by the way, had her second child, children I mean, because they're twins. And while Luke and Becky were there, things just didn't really went as Becky expected it. She and Suze had a row. Suze, while Becky was away for 10 whole honeymoon months, found another bestfriend. So, there. Jealousy took over Becky. And somehow, I can relate to the story. I also feel jealous whenever someone close to me suddenly finds a new "close to him/her". I really think it's normal. And I know, it's painful too.

And when the shock about having a long-lost sister came to Becky, she was just totally excited about it -- too excited that she forgot that too much expectations can also hurt her more. In the end, they don't really have common interests. Becky's fave which is shopping, turns out not to please Jess at all. As in, Jess hates shopping.

And I will continue reading the book later. I'm halfway, oh yeah. And very positive that I can finish this before Tuesday. :)

Apologies for the tired smile on the photos. Haha :D
The first photo made me look FAT. lol


  1. Wayyyy! I love that book! and the movie as well. :)

  2. me and my sister love that book and we had watch that movie too <3