Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Promise You Can't Keep

2 in the morning

I was away for four whole months. I was away from you. And the day I went home, you were one of those people who fetched me right at the airport. Then at midnight, you told me how happy you were to see me again. And you promised that in the duration of my short stay here, you will never make me cry or try to hurt me. Days passed and I was happy… we were happy. You try to squeeze your schedule just so you can see me every single day. And I do my best to see you without missing any of the important things I have to do daily. But today was supposed to be a special day. I would have wanted to see you the soonest I can… but things happened. And tears just went running down my cheeks for almost the whole day today. I was inside my room for hours while you were there with your friends, talking and eating and laughing and drinking your hearts out. I was just inside my room, on my bed, hugging my pillow… crying myself to sleep. And each time I open my eyes, I feel my tears running down again. 
You failed to keep your promise. :’(