Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's a PerPINK Fit!

12/2/12 :)

This is a VERY LATE post. Apologies. :)

Last September 29, a Saturday, my poging cousin Neilboy celebrated his 21st birthday. It was his debut celebration. This blog entry is supposedly an outfit post, but I wasn't really able to wear a bonggang-bonggang outfit. In fact, I forgot to wear the accessories I prepared! Haha! I actually left them inside my big bag, which was there in the hotel room where we changed our outfits. Just please bear with the simplicity of my outfit because I'll be posting the photos here, anyway.

And here are some of the photos: (courtesy of kuya Rodel Ryan Yana)

The simple ME + ENGINEER paraphernalia.
Do they look good on me? :) Bagay ba?

It's me and the birthday boy himself! Talk about sharing the baby crib before with this dear cousin :)

Photo imported from my other blog, as seen on the watermark. Hihi ;)
So there! There are actually more photos.. lots of them. But I just want to show you I looked like during that event, or that night. I actually found this pink dress at a boutique in Cebu City. Honestly, I didn't find this, my Mama did. And she forced me to try this on. Then ta-dah! She said it looked good on me. And she bought it for me. Thanks, Ma. <3

My shoes? They're from my Sissy (in the US). It's a Jessica Simpson pair. Very lovely, indeed. And I should also say thank you to my ever supportive cousin-in-law Kuya Rodel Yana, for taking the photos. :)

It's the second day of the last month today. Few more days before Christmas. And I've just realized that when I saw the 1st candle of the advent wreath lighted at the church. Today is actually the first Sunday of Advent. Whew! I think I need to do a Christmas wishlist sometime soon, you should too sweeties! :)


  1. your so Fab here.. love your Outfit!! :)

  2. I think you've pulled it off! Maybe your whole outfit would look a lot better if you paired it with a chunky necklace or whatever accessories you forgot to take with you! :P

    Nevertheless, you looked beautiful. Love the nude peep-toe pumps! You can never go wrong with classic pumps! :)

    Happy birthday to your cousin! :)

    1. Yes, I knew accessories would help. :( But oh well, I think I still made myself look Okay. :) Thank you Tricia!

  3. Wow! really pretty! Btw, I also love pink! :))))

  4. Don't worry! You are still pretty because of your simple outfit! Kudos, Gayle! :)