Saturday, September 29, 2012

PF: My Pink X3 Phone

TGIF! Okay I know it's 30 minutes past 12 midnight now, so it's technically Saturday. Anyway, I still consider this night to be a Friday night. Haha!

And because it's Friday, here's my second Pink Fridays entry.

What you're seeing on the photo is my pink X3 phone. Well yes, it's beside the glass, fork, spoon and table napkin. I'm too lazy to crop and I just want to upload the original photo. This was taken almost a year ago. This was during a dinner at Kenny Rogers - SM Mall of Asia.

And this photo is a little sneak peek for my upcoming post about my Baguio PACSA experience last year. It'll be a little "recall article" for my trip's anniversary celebration. *winks*

So, I guess it's time to sleep now (but not for me, just yet). Night sweeties! :)


  1. one of my fave restos, kenny rogers :) I want my next phone to be pink also, so girly :)

  2. Yay! Pink cellphone! My sister also have one. I am not a fan of color pink because it doesn't suit my personality but I am okay with it. Ehe.