Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday! :)

Hello there sweeties!

Today is September 9, but I officially decided and started making this blog yesterday, the 8th of September. It was Mama Mary's birthday and the official birthday of my new blog, So Sweet Suzette!

Why Make So Sweet Suzette?

I decided to give birth to this new blog simply to give way to my different side as a person. My blog features will be posted here, as well as the prizes or rewards or token I received and will be receiving (char, kung makaexpect, haha) in the coming days.

What's the Difference between So Sweet Suzette and Exotic Expressions?

Exotic Expressions is more of my personal blog, where I write my personal experiences and feelings or insights. It's more like my journal or diary maybe (haha!). I even tend to write long blog entries there to pour out my emotions and narrate detail by detail the stories or events in my life. Meanwhile, So Sweet Suzette is my fashion and beauty blog. I am not a beauty or fashion expert but I will try my best to research and feature here the best picks for my readers! Also, I will be showing off my "girly" side with this blog and share it to you my readers. While EE is more of "me", SSS is more of "you"! But of course, I'd still be sharing a piece of myself here in SSS.

What Can the Readers Expect From SSS?

As I've said, I will be posting my blog features here in SSS. Pictures and posts about the prizes from the different contests I've joined and won can also be read and seen here. I will also listen to my readers who can give any suggestion on how I can improve this blog and the posts in here. I am also planning to have a giveaway very soon - only here in SSS! So, stay tuned! :)

So, that's it! Thank you for visiting my new blog! Welcome to So Sweet Suzette!

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  1. u look so beautiful Suzette....I like ur eyes look so lovable...^_^