Wednesday, September 19, 2012

thankyou Redhunt!

Sorry if I haven't posted any blog entry last week. I've been busy for our fiesta. Visit my other blog for more deets.

And since I promised you that I'll be posting my product reviews and my online contest prizes here, then I'm giving you this post. :) Well, I want to share to you a short story first. (Short lang talaga. haha!)

I won a raffle giveaway during the last week of August. It was one of the first giveaways I joined, and the first one in which I actually won. I was just a little surprised and thankful at the same time for winning. I considered myself to be "lucky" because I was able to join just when it was already less than 30mins before the cut-off time! Though aware of that small chance I got, I gave it a shot not for anything else but for the cool prizes at stake -- Redhunt shirt and shorts!

The prize was supposed to be claimed at their bazaar during the ETC Fashion Flea Market, but since I'm from Bohol, the owner suggested to just have the items shipped to me. However, I had to pay for the shipping fee. But no worries, because the fee is totally worth it!

And as soon as my package arrived, I took several shots:

The unwrapping, featuring the official Redhunt sticker

The shirt's wrap is just cute.

The shorts and the "Stoked" shirt

And here's how the items look when worn, in my "parang baliw lang" pose. I wore a pink tube as under-piece for the Stoked shirt, since it's a little revealing. Haha!

Aren't they cool? Now, that makes me cool too. Ha! I just wore the clothes for photo purposes, so I can post them here. But the clothes can be used as everyday-wear. They're made of cotton, which makes them comfy.

If you wanna get hold of exactly the same items as I am wearing, you can visit Redhunt's FB page.
I am part of the pack, are you?


  1. Hi! I am inviting you to join my blog birthday giveaway! You have three sets of fabulous prizes to choose from. :D

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Pau! :) ok, i'll check it out! thanks!