Sunday, September 23, 2012

Online Shops, Soon at SSS

One thing I've noticed in the cyberspace now is the fact that there are already a lot of online shops. Again, A LOT. Before, the online shops used to dominate Shop Multiply. But right now, the best place (I think) for online shops to operate is on Facebook.

Considering the fact that there are millions, or billions, of FB users in the world, the online shop owners took advantage of having that comfort in posting their shop products, plus advertisements on Facebook for free. Also, they can easily add friends to "become friends" of their online shop's account. Those who use the fanpage method, simply invite their friends to like their fanpage.

I can also see that people are also very interested about online shops - that includes me.Who would reject that chance to just shop at the comfort of your home? People patronize online shops and their products, that is also if they have seen the credibility of the shop owners and also the quality of the products they are buying online.

So, from now on sweeties, I will be featuring online shops. Sounds interesting, isn't it? And rest assured, I will only feature online shops which I know are "worth-featuring". This means, I already know how credible the owners are and that their products are loved by the buyers. Please watch out for my shop features here in SSS.

I am currently drafting a blog feature for an online accessories shop! So, please stay tuned! :)

Photo by my friend, Longski.

P.S. The photo does not have any relevance with the article written. I just want to post it here. Hehe :)

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  1. it is ok to feature shops that u like and your readers will definitely will patronize it,it means the shop is legit and you know it already...