Friday, February 8, 2013

Pink Fridays is Back!


You read the title right. It says, Pink. Fridays. Is. Back. And I mean it. I know I've been such a lazy blogger since December... well, since I've been here in the United States. And I have not posted even a single Pink Fridays post. I have been lax about that because I thought it doesn't really matter to my readers. But then, somebody just made me realize otherwise.

It was last week when I received a private message on our So Sweet Suzette Fanpage. One of our So Sweet Suzette readers, who is also a friend + relative of mine, asked where my Pink Fridays posts are. Then I found out, my PF posts really matter to her (which makes me feel glad). My PF post is what keeps her coming back to my blog, checking every Friday, hoping there would be a pink photo that would please her eyes (it's actually her fave color). *hihi*

I apologized, and promised to her that I'll work on my PF post the soonest I can. So, here it is. This is my first Friday post for the love month of February, and the first for the year 2013 as well.

The photos I'm showing you for today are actually old ones, I would say VERY OLD ones. I found them while browsing my old photos. And ta-daaaah! Let me present to you, the pink piggy cupcakes! :)
Pink Piggy sittin' pretty (and friends).
As you can see, there's the "ohsoyoung" Suzette over there. Photos are actually taken more than 2 years ago. This was during a family friend's business opening. The cupcakes were really cute, that's why I didn't think twice about taking pictures with them (the piggy & chicken cupcakes).
It's not just me who's enjoying the piggy cupcakes.. even my lil brotha!
Haha! He's still so young here. lol
After taking photos with the cute cuppies, we ate them (just like what my brother seemed to "portray" on the photo above). HAHA :D
Few days more to go and it'll be Valentine's Day! <3 Love love love.


  1. You deserve all the love and gifts you received from your readers/friends cause you're so nice! What a cute cupcakes btw! ;)

  2. because you are so nice that why u deserved to get that gifts..

  3. A blogger like you deserves all the best ate :) I just love how you grant your readers request!! :) Kuddos to you! :)

  4. the cupcakes looks cute, and i bet it's delicious too!