Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Skate!


Today's the last day of the first month of the new year. And what's next to January? It's the LOVE month, February! <3 Oh, how fast time can fly. Anyway, before we head towards Spring season and bid farewell to Winter, lemme share to you the exciting experience I had last Monday.
It was last week when we found out that my nephew would be having an Ice Skating Party as part of their school's activities this week. I have never tried ice skating before, and even roller skating (street skates with roller blades). And I've had several chances before to try ice skating but I never dared to. This time, I said YES to my sissy when she asked me if I wanted to go with my nephew.
I didn't skate before (about a month ago) at a highland here in San Diego because it's an outdoor ice skate rink and it's superdooper cold! We just went to that place because we wanted to do some shopping, actually. Then we saw there was an ice skate rink, I kinda thought of going for a try. But I backed out because I was chilling. Think about being on top of the ice, outdoor, in the middle of winter, and I have just arrived from a tropical country (I haven't adjusted well with the weather yet). So, I gave it a NO.
But no, it wasn't a NO. It was actually a NOT YET. :)
However, last Monday's scenario was different. It was an indoor skating center. And I think, I am excited to try. I wanted to brave enough to try. I want to toughen myself. Though I am aware that there is fear - Fear of failure.. fear of falling on my butt, to be specific.
So after I changed my shoes to ice skates, I slowly got up and walked towards the rink. I was feeling kinda nervous because there is actually quite a big number of children and adults skating on the rink. Making me nervous? Yes. Because it increases the possibility of me bumping into another skater. Or worse, knocking us both down.
And yes, I fell down on my butt.. so hard, it still hurts until now (about 3 days after the fall). The first fall was a few steps away from the sides.. just when I have just begun to let go of the sides. And it was one hard fall. But, I never gave up! :) I stood up. And I tried to skate again. Just slowly. There were countless times that I felt like I'm about to lose my balance, I just kinda swing my body so I'd be in control. I fell down again. But I don't cry, I smile. Stand up. And try again. Until I learned how to do it. Just the neophyte-kind-of-skating. It's actually more of walking. Haha! But it's fine, at least I can move thru the ice now. *winks*
Photo captured by my bro-in-law :)
Falling down can cause pain. But it helps one to be stronger, braver, more determined. If by the first time you don't make it, try again. Maybe the second try would be better. Well for me, learning the thing was difficult. I fell hard. I got hurt. But it was worth it. In the end, I am happy.
Let's skate through the ice of life! :)


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  3. Wow! hmmm. It's okay to fail at first. But I think you really enjoyed naman the experience. ^_^

  4. aww would like try ice skating too :) I love how you relate skating to not giving up in life :) you got me there :) you're right ate,It doesn't matter if you fall as long as you're able to stand tall again :)

  5. I haven't tried skating, but want to try it. I agree with you it doesn't matter if you fall but what's important is you have stand again and you become more stronger.

  6. Yay,my daughter would like to try skating but i'm too afraid to let her try!congrats on trying!

  7. Wow merpy!nasuya ko..ngano karon pako kita ani?HAHA..

    1. haha! January pa ni nga post merp ui! :)

  8. Waaaaa! I also wanna try skating! :)

  9. I have never try Ice skating but I would love to give it a try soon!

  10. Wow, when I was young I wanted to try this too. Nice pic and experienced. Hope you enjoyed it. :)