Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Screen: Les Miserables



Lemme start this blog by showing you a screen shot:

The photo above is a screen shot of my Facebook status. I posted it last December 28 at around 1 am, the very moment we arrived home from the mall.
And if you are a Lea Salonga fan, or a music-lover by any chance, you would surely know what I'm talking about. The words there actually reflect lines from the song "On My Own", one of the songs from the musicale Les Miserables. And as placed there, it was sung by the character Eponine.
Les Miserables is a movie derived from a phenomenal musicale. According to its official website (, it is the world's longest running musical and seen by over 60 million people in 42 different countries. And with the people who were able to watch at the broadway, you could really tell it was amazing.
That is why, me and my sister were rooting to watch it on the cinema. We've known it would be showing on the cinemas on Christmas Day (December 25, 2012) but since we spent our Christmas at Vegas, we watched the movie last December 27, last full show at the Westfield mall.
Honestly at first I was kinda bored. The first scene was actually about the slavery in France. With the men singing, "Look down, look down.. blah blah" (see photo below). However, I admired how they filmed this with the men dragging a very huge ship. Very creative, I should say.
But eventually the story got interesting, especially when Fantine came into the scene. And Anne Hathaway's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" is just so awesome. But the part which made me cry-cry was when Eponine sacrificed her life for her love, Marius.
This part made me cry ;( so sad.
I don't really have plans to narrate everything from the movie. Neither do I want to spoil the excitement people have, especially those who were not able to watch it yet. Actually, when I posted the status (see screen shot above), my friends wrote down comments about how lucky I am to watch it first. Hehe :) The movie's screening/showing date in the Philippines will still be on January 16th. And I could tell, alot of my friends are already super excited to watch! And I would recommend this movie, really. It's a mix of different stories: Comedy, Love, History, Action, Passion, Sacrifice. Plus, the songs made it more special. <3
A friend asked me to rate this movie from 1-10 with 1 as lowest and 10 as highest. My rating is 9. My fave characters are Fantine & Eponine, and my fave song is "On My Own" by Eponine.
By the way, here's the official trailer:

 Happy weekend, and happy viewing sweeties! :)


  1. Ate I love how you tease your readers here to make them watch the Les Mis movie too :) I suggest you write movie reviews too since you have the priviledge to watch new hollywood movies because you're in US already :) miss talking to you :(

  2. love this movie :) and the songs too

  3. I've watch this movie, excellent one!!