Friday, January 11, 2013

Heller there 2013 :)


My first post for the year 2013 :) So, lemme say Happy New Year sweeties! I was actually planning to post here my resolution for this year but I changed my mind. Instead, I just want to share to you what I've been up to lately and to share my thoughts about my life.

These are actually our New Year fruits. It's actually a tradition ever since to have 12 fruits on the table for the New Year. The 12 fruits symbolize 12 fruitful months for the year 2013 :)
Just when I was getting excited to transfer the photos from my digicam to the laptop, I can't quite figure out how to open the files. But I'd work on it next time, pretty soon. So as of now, I just finished watching the movie 50/50. I am aware that this movie was released last 2011 but oh well, I just saw it today. And I realized, I have actually been watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies. Just last week, I watched Inception, Looper and Premium Rush. And then this. But I didn't really do it on purpose. Haha! :) Coincidence.
And watching the film 50/50 made me realize something - that life is short and that I am blessed I don't have any sickness or infirmity right now. Thank you Lord. :)
A lot of people are actually sick this time because of the cold season. Cough and colds are very common. But what alerts most people is FLU. That is why, getting a flu shot is recommended for everybody. I've had mine last year, I mean 2011 so I might get another shot soon. It's a vaccine given to the patient yearly. Just for, you know, prevention. Okay, so I'm getting far now. Hehe. I just want to express the point that we are now in a new year, so we should take extra care so won't catch any illness. Let us not start the year with unending ha-chus (sneezing) and u-hum u-hum (cough sound). Aside from frequent handwashing, which is for me, the best weapon against germs and viruses, we should also eat nutritious food. Fruits rich in Vitamin C can really help.
It's for you to figure out which of these fruits are rich in Vitamin C. There are actually a lot from this photo and more from the stores and perhaps from your backyard ;)
So that'll be all for welcoming the year 2013 and about the movie and the flu and the fruits. :) Take care during this flu season sweeties!
The photo I sent to my boyfie thru PM, which he eventually posted in his timeline. haha!


  1. fruits is really good for the health and source of vitamins.hope 2013 will be good to us... cheers!

  2. waaah,i need this right now,feeling sick...just craving for strawberries