Monday, October 8, 2012

PF: My Pink Pen

Hello there! :)

I am very much aware that today isn't Friday anymore. Today is Monday and this Pink Friday post should have been here last Friday. Sadly, I wasn't able to blog for the past days. I was kinda busy. So, forgive me.

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Friday (October 5), actually.  And yes, I'll be blogging about that soon, though I have already written about some thoughts on my Exotic Expressions blog.

As much as I would really love to post here my fabulous pink birthday cake, I opt not to... just because I want to show you the cake photo together with my other birthday photos. So for now, I am sharing to you a not-so-long-time ago photo. Believe me, I really went into some "photos and stuffs searching" here in my laptop for this post! *winks*

That's a photo of my pink pen. It's the pen I fondly use for my notes when I was in college, like about 3 years ago (2nd year college, to be exact). And the photo was taken with my old blue Nokia phone - the phone which I really loved. This was by the way taken inside our classroom. So much for not paying attention to the  clinical instructor. Haha!

Stay tuned for my next posts! Happy Pink Days sweeties! :)

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