Wednesday, June 12, 2013


June 12, 2013

Happy 115th Philippine Independence Day! :)

It is a non-working holiday today and since it has already been sometime since I had a "Nail of the Day" post, I decided to show you my nails for today. It has a simple but fancy nail art on them, which is zebra stripes-inspired.

Photo taken by pretty cousin Cara Marie Yu
We especially took the photo with my Mossimo shoes behind the nails because I just believe the prints matched, don't they? The only difference is that my shoes has a black-white print, while my nails have black-metallic (grayish/bluish/greenish) colors on them. The nail polish I used was Sephora by O.P.I. - a gift from my Sissy last Christmas.

Here's the nail polish: Sephora by O.P.I. :)
I forgot just what specific color this is. Will update once I find  out. *winks*

Here's another shot with my nails (without filter):

You can clearly see here how the nail colors look like. It's kinda sophisticated and I love it ;)
Mission accomplished for today - a new post! :)
Hope I shared something fun, fancy and artsy to you sweeties! <3


  1. wow! cool! I haven't tried that! will ask the manicurista if she knows it:D

  2. like the nail art that matches your shoes, so nice!!

  3. I love the Zebra design :) You should post more nail arts pa ate :) Good to know that Sephora has their own nail polishes I thought cosmetics lang :)

  4. how did you do that? :) can you show a step-by-step tutorial on having those kind of nail arts? :)

  5. i simply like the Zebra design too :-)

  6. I love animal prints and though I am not into "nail-polishing" (i.e. manicure) I still love the nail art and i wanna try it =), with a manicurist of course, can't do it on my own...thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Love it! But tell us the steps. Want to try it also.