Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gone but Not For Too Long

June 9, 2013

I am so back! *screams* :D
I am back to using the internet regularly and I am back to blogging. I really missed being in the cyberworld. :)
But then, we have to sacrifice a few things so we can focus on the "more important" things in life.

I was gone (from blogging) for more than a month, and it felt different. For many times, I had that "urge" to blog. But I tried my best to resist it because I know that when I blog, I do not just type in letters and words and form them into sentences, paragraphs and then to a blogpost. When I blog, I think, I write, I research, I read, I edit, I read again, and so on and so forth... It's a long process for me. It could be different for other bloggers but that way works for me. :)

I actually wanted to make this post as short as possible, not to bore you with nonsense chats. But before I end this, lemme share with you what I do when I'm bored -- just like last Saturday afternoon when we suddenly had a brownout! So it's great thanks to my special friend who gave me these gifts! *winks*

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James :)
I actually got super intrigued with this book, Fifty Shades of Grey, when it first came out over a year ago. And I have been wanting to read, but I wanted to have my own copy (not just borrow from friends). So, finally, I now have the Trilogy in my hands! :) Well some people say, young people shouldn't read this. But I'm already 21 anyway. I guess it's already legit to read this one. Haha! :D Hopefully I can finish reading the three books before I say bye-bye Pinas again.

And because I'm back now, please watch out for more posts! :) Will definitely be blogging now. Plus, I'm cooking a giveaway too! ;)


  1. Pa.borrow ko merpy ha?when you're done reading it :) Thanks!

  2. haha..ngano ako ray nag.comment2x danhi merp?LOL :D

  3. gustong gusto q rin magbabasa ng mga ganyan....san po kau nakabili ng ganyan i hope na meron din ganyan sa SM Dept. Store...^_^

  4. i wanted to read this book but i just cant start,too bc with my baby..maybe in the near future,i hope :)

  5. Also Read that Book. I'm In love with Christian Grey... The way the author describe christian in the book he is so perfect.

  6. Sweet BF of your's. hahah! Nice gift!
    By the way, I'm from bohol also. Nice meeting you here. :)

    1. Thanks. Oh, you're from Bohol too? Good to know that. :)

  7. hope makakita din aq ng ganyan sa national books store..^_^

  8. sometimes we really have to slow down and rest for a while...reading is as interesting as blogging...