Friday, March 15, 2013

Happiest Place on Earth

03/13/13 - 03/15/13

Happiness, for me, is the greatest treasure no amount of money can buy. We all want to be happy, but we can't be all the time. :)

As a kid, I believed in fairy tales. I always believed that in my own kingdom, I am a princess. I always believed that bad guys around me are the "evil witches" who wanted to trick me and poison me so I can be in my deepest slumber. I always believed that my parents' friends are my fairy godmothers who give me gifts during special occasion and that they are always there to grant my simple wish of having a new toy. I always believed that somewhere out there lived my prince, who will someday come riding on a beautiful horse. And that he will come for me.. someday. Just by reading fairytale books (with illustrations ofcourse) and watching princess movies, I make myself happy. :)
The last day of my February was worth-remembering. The day was perfect - sunny with cool winds. And it was a "happy day". I was "adopted-for-a-day" by the Baetiong family. We drove from San Diego all the way to Anaheim, California. On that day, one of my greatest dream since childhood came true. I went to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.

Photo taken at the Ariel's Grotto, where we had our lunch with the dazzling Disney princesses! <3
The ticket we purchased was a one-day two parks pass. That way, we can hop from Disneyland to Disney California Adventure and vice versa, in a day. It wasn't the family's first time, but they love going back there for almost every year. It's also kinda good that I am with "non first-timers" because they are already familiar with the place and the different attractions there.
That day, I had my different FIRST-TIMEs. First, it was my first time in a Disneyland theme park. And then, in my whole life, it was my first time to ride a roller coaster (haha!). As in the really long roller coaster ride (not just the 3D simulation rides that I've had in the past). I was always afraid of riding things like that. But I was challenged to take the ride for the California Screamin' in California Adventure because Nang Nene encouraged me to do so. She said it is best to give it a try so that even once in my life, I'll have that experience. So I gave it a try, and it was crazy. The name California Screamin' really fits the ride! You need not ask me why.
It was also my first time to ride the Ferris wheel. You may be staring at the computer screen now and mocking me, sayin "loser!" but it's true. When I was a kid, I have always wanted to try to ride a Ferris wheel but Papa won't let me. And so I've always thought it's a bit scary and dangerous. But the Mickey wheel isn't scary-looking at all. However, we tried to take the "swinging" ride for the wheel. It's the twist, because our gondola doesn't just go up like any other wheel rides, it swings to and fro while going up and down the circle of the wheel. And that made me kinda dizzy. @_@ But still, I enjoyed it! No regrets!

There's the Mickey wheel over there! ;)
After the rides, we had our yummy royal lunch at the Ariel's Grotto. It was a good thing that we already had a reservation because there. I saw lots of cute little girls dressed up in different Disney princess costumes/gowns. They were all lovely. Would you imagine even a little 2 year old is portraying Cinderella too? :)

Meet my yummy food for lunch *nomnom*
Then, off to the other park - Disneyland! :)

This is what welcomes the guests upon entering the Disneyland park :) Mickey's face!

Just like in California Adventure, I also had some rides, but no scary or dangerous ones this time. I am quite aware that Disneyland is more child-friendly than the Cali Adventure. Hehe. I never wasted time going around anywhere in Disneyland.

Featuring the beautiful Disney castle!
Photo by Michelle Marimon
I have always dreamed of seeing that castle for so long.. <3 At last! :)
Nang Nene and I take a pose at another wonderful Disney attraction - It's a Small World. Too bad it was closed that day :(

Roaming around the Disney parks reminded me of how happy I was as a kid. It reminded me that I was indeed a "normal" kid, who gets mad with the tiny little things and enjoys even the most nonsense TV shows of animes and cartoons. Disney has been a great part of my childhood - is, and will always be a part of me. Now, who wouldn't want to visit the happiest place on earth? :)

I can't actually narrate everything here on a single blogpost (which I actually plan to publish today). And I have more photos to share! Grr. Maybe I'll have the other features on a separate post. *fingers crossed*
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