Friday, April 5, 2013



SPRING SEASON officially started here in the United States last March 20th. And for someone like me, who got used to a very hot weather in the Philippines, spring is just so perfect!

According to people here, spring time is the best season of the year - a bright sun plus cool breeze. What could be better? :)

Having this lovely season really made me happy. But, another thing to be happy and thankful for is the success of my latest giveaway! We had over a thousand entries and new followers as well. So I must say THANK YOU to each and everyone, especially to those who spent some minutes of their days tweeting and sharing the giveaway post!

So, here are the lucky winners of the Nyce Finds accessories:


As what I've said in the giveaway post, I will only give the winners 48 hours (2 days) to contact me thru my email. Failure to do so would mean another winner should be picked. Also, since there are 2 winners for this giveaway and 2 different sets of items as prizes, the first winner to contact me will be given the privilege to choose the set he/she wants.

So the winners get to choose between the LOVE necklace or the bracelet.
1 of these rings:

Congratulations to the winners! And for those who didn't win, fret not, for a spring-summer giveaway is on our way! Stay tuned and thank you for your support <3


  1. congrats to the winners though I know this is a late congratulations.. the spring giveaway is so lovely.. Hope I joined giveaways a lil earlier.. :)) I could have the chance to win this. hahaha Oh well, atleast I could assume to win this in my dreams!