Monday, September 9, 2013

First Blog Anniversary

It's So Sweet Suzette's first year! Here's the very first BLOG POST I wrote last year. Phew! A lot has changed since then. I am super thankful for my readers and 143 followers (143 = I love you) - although I do not update my blog very often (*apologies*), you still visit my site! Thank you for the love and support. Huge thanks also goes to my giveaway sponsors. You made me and my readers happy by sharing your blessings. :)
I don't really intend to make this blog post long. I just wanna bring some good news - the winners of our Firmoo Classic Series Giveaway. *yey!* The said giveaway ended last September 5th. And although there were just a few participants, I still want to thank everyone who joined. We didn't reach the bonus number of 40 participants, which would've given us a third winner, so we only have 2 for now. For this giveaway, I didn't use the Rafflecopter (as I usually do). Using the participants' input on the comments, I used MS Excel to organize the names. And I gave each participant 3 entries (or 3 chances to win). Using, I was able to pick the winners out at random. And they are:
Please contact me within 48 hours so I can give you the instructions on how you can claim your free glasses. You can simply send me an email or send a message to the So Sweet Suzette fanpage. And this ends our August back-to-back giveaways. We'll have more soon! So please keep on checking. Thank you everyone for joining! Happy first year to us! <3


  1. Congratulations Sweet Suzette! We started our blogs at about the same time last year. Mine will turn on year old too on September 13!


    1. Thank you Sir Raul! Congratulations to you, too! :) Cheers!