Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 Gifts of Christmas

It's that time of the year again! It is December and we all know what that means.. it's almost Christmas!


Since we're just some days away from that 'most wonderful time of the year', I made a list of my Gift Ideas for Christmas. This list is specifically for young adults like me, who may want to give presents to their family and friends. These are just some items that might be present in your loved-ones' Christmas wishlist.


I remember during my college days that every time we had our Kris Kringle (Manita/Manito), the number one my gift wishlist would always be a book I wanted to read. This may not be true to other girls like me, because they might prefer a beauty or style magazine. Some guys would also specifically want a comic book as their reading material gift. Get to know his/her interests so you may know what genre of book or reading material you have to get.


This is something everybody needs. It just somehow fell into place that after Christmas, we will be celebrating New Year’s Day. And that very holiday marks the start of another year – another year of planning activities and organizing events. This 2015 Year Planner is the perfect gift for just anyone, both those who are in school or at work. Just make sure he/she doesn't get too many of them, because actually each person only needs one of this.

You can get one from drinking Starbucks coffee (well, a lot of them) or just purchase one from the bookstore.

#3. BEAUTY ITEMS for Her

Some people would probably consider giving beauty items being too mainstream, but I personally think they’re still one of the best presents a lady receives on Christmas Day. For one, you do not have to consider any body size while you’re happily shopping. When a male (lover, friend, family member) gives a lady a makeup item, this would actually show that he exerted effort just by doing that. Looking at lipsticks and eyeliners isn’t really a guy’s thing. So this really begs appreciation, ladies. And once we find out we got a makeup item, we light up with excitement because, well, you know why.

A lovely online store that sells authentic makeup, which I got these photos from, is Ladybelle. Follow @ladybelleph on Instagram, check their items because they just might have the perfect Christmas gift you wanted to give to your girlfriend, girl bestfriend, sister, or mother.

#4. TIES for Him

Some men aren’t tie-people, I get that. Regardless, I would still count the ties in as good Christmas gifts. Whether for formal black suits party or for funky events, this neck accessory wouldn’t go out of style. You’d just have to know him well so you can get the tie he would most likely use. And if ties aren’t really his thing, you might consider giving him a HANDKERCHIEF instead. And well, that is every guy’s thing!


If only you can give ‘time’ as your present. Well, you can’t. However, you can give him/her a watch.
What’s good about giving somebody a watch is the fact that when they wear it, every time they look at it to check the time, they remember you. Cheesy but true.


Good shoes take you to good places. The only downside with this holiday gift is the risk of having a ‘fit’ mismatch. So if you’re going to give this as a present, make sure you get the feet size right. And yep, feet, as in both feet, left and right. Nevertheless, opening a a box with shoes inside just brings cheer to men and women alike.


Most of the good and known scents come with high prices. But, they are actually very good Holiday gifts. Plus, every holiday season, there are always sale promos coming. So, you might consider getting a Burberry, Calvin Klein or a Chanel for your loved one.


Who said Christmas presents should only be those put in boxes and wrapped in glittery papers? Well, I myself would be very happy to receive a Body Massage GC! This is perfect for children wanting to give their busy hardworking parents a ‘break’.


If you wanted to really give something special to your loved one, one thing to go for is giving something personalized. A name necklace is one example. Some of you may think name necklaces are just for girls, but I personally think, they can be worn by both girls and boys. Avoiding the ‘girly’ feel of it would be up to the design that comes with the name or the necklace chain perhaps.

An online shop, which I featured last year in this blog (*click Here to read*), also sells name necklaces for very affordable prices! Remember Nyce Finds? You definitely have to check their store out. ;)


Being sentimental often means having something done personal or customized. Aside from name necklaces, you can also give your loved ones customized fridge accessories. Just like this very cute one on the photo.

An online shop which sells really cute customized clay magnets is Personalized Accessories (@itsPAofficial). I got the photo from them, too.


I have intentionally spared gadgets and electronic devices from my list. But this should be an exception. Polaroid camera is in every person’s wishlist (well not for those who already have it and for those who prefer the big lenses). If not Polaroid, then let me just say a CAMERA. A camera is a truly wonderful Christmas gift. What else is it for? Of course, they are for capturing moments!


Last but definitely the best, nothing beats the classic tradition of giving a Christmas card or even just a Christmas note. All these gifts would always, always be more meaningful when you get a note with it. You feel happy when you receive gifts, but the Christmas message of love and thoughts will warm your heart. <3

Cards by La Be



  1. I need a couple of gift cheques to buy all of these.OMG! I can't choose one.. HAHA=)) And Christmas goes consumerism.

    1. Hi nin! Well, you can improvise to get the perfect gifts for your loved-ones. And, sorry don't have any gift cheque/certs to give you. Maybe someday, when I'm rich na. Hehe. Happy Christmas shopping! <3