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What To See in DC

It has been a year since I had my one-of-a-kind travel experience to Washington, D.C. but the memory is still with me until this very moment. This proves that, that certain travel experience was superbly wonderful… truly unforgettable. And yes, I will be sharing my DC travel story here.

A week before the trip, my Auntie asked me what places I wanted to visit. I named a couple of places but the number one (#1) on my list is, of course, the White House.

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I was set to arrive at the Washington Dulles International Airport after around 12 hours of travel time from South California. And of course, the dear lady is flying alone. I think I'm getting used to having solo flights/ solo trips already, which is actually kinda exciting. Also, it gives me a sense of independence.

On the day when we were about to visit the very residence of the President of the United States, I pulled off an outfit that was seemingly fitting to the occasion. Well, it isn’t very necessarily but a touch of travel fashion wouldn’t really hurt, would it? But there's actually a funny ending to this story, which you would know later.

Just one of the many, and I mean MANY tourists wanting to take photos of and with the most important house in the United States of America.
What you can see behind me is the First Lady's garden (as they would call it). And behind that is The House.
This is the House's frontyard.
After putting a checkmark on the number one in my "What To See in DC" list, we walked around the place to go see the other spectacular sites a tourist should check out.

Next on my list, The Washington Monument.

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I actually didn't take that photo. But I chose that because the Monument absolutely looks amazing in it. And I know for sure that this photo was taken from the Lincoln Memorial angle, afterdark hours.

What's so interesting about the Washington Monument is the fact that you can actually see it wherever you are in the Central DC area (well, for as long as you are outside).

During my visit to DC, the Washington Monument was closed and under repair because an earthquake which struck the place last August 2011 caused cracks on the building. Not only was I unable to scale to the top, but there was also a massive construction scaffolding surrounding it, which I believe is already gone as of writing time (October 2014).

This is my own shot of the Monument. Notice the scaffolding I was telling you about.
Number three (#3), the United States Capitol.

If you notice, I'm already wearing slippers this time. I actually bought slippers at Macy's because my feet hurt after an hour of walking around with my new shoes on. In DC, especially around the National Mall, you will have to do a lot of WALKing.

Number 4, the Lincoln Memorial.

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I have always wanted to visit this historical place of the Lincoln Memorial, as it always appears in movies. White House Down, starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum is just one of the many movies where you can see this beautiful place.

Number 5, the Smithsonian Institute - National Museum of Natural History.

Well, I have decided to separately write about my visit to the National Museum of National History because it is surely worthy of another post, another story. It is just so fascinating how a lot of amazing things can be kept in one place.

Number 6, the World War II Memorial.

The World War Memorial is another beautiful place to see in DC. And not just see, if you're not in a hurry, you can just sit down and chill. You can enjoy the view around, just like what the people are doing in this photo.
Number 7, the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

This is another place to be, as it commemorates the September 11 terrorism that happened in Pentagon.

Number 8, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

I am a Catholic, so I included this religious place on my list. And I did not regret going here even if the place is kinda far from the central DC area already. There is so much beauty in the Basilica and I'm totally in awe of the art it has. I did not come to visit just to see the beautiful images but at the same time, to pray. I had the chance to hop from one chapel to another, and to pray to different saints. Plus, the place provides you with the serene ambiance which is just perfect.

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There are more places to visit in DC, and so far I've gone to these eight places on my list. I have more stories to tell, because 1 post alone isn't enough for what I have to share about Washington, DC. Indeed, there are a lot of things to see in DC, but you shouldn't miss this eight! I'm glad I did go to DC and that i was able to visit the different national icons.

Wow, writing this feels so good. Till next post! <3

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