Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/15 Earthquake Tragedy: Bohol's Greatest Nightmare

As much as I would want my blog to just have "good vibes" and happy posts, I could barely stand the thought of not writing anything about what happened yesterday, October 15th -- when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the place where I grew up, the beautiful Bohol.
I am not in Bohol right now. Good thing, because I was spared from the earthquake incident. But I am not feeling any better because my family is there. Plus, my relatives and friends. And Bohol is more than home to me.
Here are some of the heartbreaking photos I've seen on Facebook & Instagram: (I don't own any of these)
These are some of the severely damaged churches in Bohol.
You can see here the "before" and "after" photos of the old churches.
You see, our province's pride is our culture and heritage. The Boholano people have done such a great job in preserving that -- the churches you can see above are centuries old. They were taken good care of, and stood there for so many years. Generations and generations of families came and went in there to pray and hear masses, but just yesterday, that pride was taken away by the earthquake. :(
The photos here were uploaded by netizens on Facebook, and shared by my FB friends. I do not own any of these. I just put them together to show you a picture of how the earthquake affected the lives of the Boholanos.

1st photo leftmost: Road cracks in Loboc
2nd photo leftmost: The Abatan bridge submerged into the water. This is the bridge from Cortes-Maribojoc.
3rd photo leftmost (bottom): Total wreckage of the Tubigon church arch, also showing damages to Tubigon parish church behind.
1st photo center: Moaong bridge collapsed. A bridge in Loon, Bohol. This is where you pass through from Calape going to Loon proper.
2nd photo center: Destroyed road at Getafe, Bohol
3rd photo center: Road cracks in Baclayon
1st photo rightmost: Holy Name University main campus
2nd photo rightmost: Chocolate hills viewing deck
3rd photo rightmost: Chocolate Hills :(
If you are reading this, I am asking you to please help us in praying for our dear province, Bohol, as well as its neighboring islands. As of writing, aftershocks are still experienced every now and then. Prayers are powerful. Say a little prayer for the victims of this calamity. Thank you. Take care everyone! <3

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